Tierra de Fuego National Park


I got up something lost, just as I went to bed last night. I guess it is normal when the trip is already difficult to continue climbing. It has touched a roof and now there is only the return to reality.

The first hour has been a sad thing. I have had breakfast with Manel and Angela and, although they will meet in Buenos Aires, I said goodbye to Angela, the great cheerleader of the group of "tuaregitos". Although below I will talk about this in more detail ...

Manel and I go together to P.N. Fire land. A good day has risen, and we believe it is a good climax to finish the trip.

However, we do not start very well. The "famous" and "architourist" End of the World Train is that ... a train lined with tourists to take a walk between the mountains. The walk itself is pleasant, and the story behind it is a legend, but I have not felt like a sheep in the whole trip, and today I am especially tense.

This train commemorates the old train of inmates which led to the colony of these from the Prison of Usuahia (built between 1902 and 1920) that we saw last December 2 to the National Park of Tierra de Fuego, where they also do forced labor, suffered more than a vexation.

We arrive at the park, and the sun is animated with us. It's a good day to visit this protected area, the third protected in America after Yellostown in the US (which was the first in the world) and one in Canada.

I don't understand why sometimes we play to be gods when I hear what has been done with the species in this park. It was autochthonously inhabited by Red Foxes, Cauquenes and other local species. The man introduced to the beavers, about 25 species, to take advantage of his skin and today there are already more than 50,000, with a certain control, that real forests are being brushed. The man also introduced a kind of fox to try to end the massification of rabbits, and what he achieved was that he competed with the native red fox and ended up killing the sheep, more easy to hunt. And so with more cases, a kind of mice, bisons, etc ... Anyway ...

There is a phrase that I have heard or read somewhere that I liked, that says ... GOD ALWAYS FORGIVES. MAN FORGIVES SOMETIMES. NATURE… !! NEVER FORGIVE!

I must also recognize that the Beavers have seemed to me a curious species on which in future trips I will surely encourage myself to know more. There they had mounted a "PIECE OF DAM" that neither the men ... That if, by day it is very difficult to see them, it seems to be, for that reason sometimes they organize nocturnal excursions.

I sign up as a mental note ... "try to see a natural beaver, sometime in life" (Photos Google Images)

The Pipo River falls overflowed today. The locals say that they had not seen him so overflowed for a long time and this year the thaw has hit hard. Pipo is called in honor of a prisoner who tried to escape and perished on the waters of that river.

The whole area of ​​Tierra del Fuego is a product of past glaciations. Hence the forms. There we see cauquenes (always in faithful couples), rabbits and all kinds of fauna and flora. I could tell you more but the head is still elsewhere. We have a coffee (10 ARS) and pass through the Laguna Verde, the Lapataia Bay (a few meters from the border with Chile), the Acigami Lake ...

Finally we decided to return to Ushuaia and return to Bodegón Fueguino that we had also eaten before embarking on the Molchanov. A pepper tenderloin and a chorizo ​​sausage await us, hehe (70 ARS)

After spending a very pleasant afternoon with Manel (who later went to the cinema) and later with Josep (he will never cease to surprise me, he is someone very special already for me) with whom he dines in the small tasca yesterday of a good table of combined fish , cockles, rabas, etc ... (70 ARS) we have returned to Hotel Mil810 (COMPLETE ARTICLE ON ACCOMMODATION HERE).

By the way, I take the opportunity to make a subsection. In general, in all Ushuaia we have eaten quite well, in the Back the Black Hake and the Centolla, in the Bodegon Fueguino the tapas casseroles type and the meat, etc ... but yesterday and today we have been especially comfortable and great attended by a very young girl maja in the Darwin Cafe-Bar. I doubt that it appears in guides or brochures, so if someone wants something different (tables of seafood and tapas, other types of tapas, beers of all kinds, ...), there it is (In Godoy 46, perpendicular to the main San Martin. Tlf: 02901-424433. E-mail: email protected). I don't have a commission, hahaha

Physically Angela was gone, but "some of her" is still left (!! YOU ARE A CASE !! hehehe). Angela, I've told you in person during all these days. I think that after everything that happened, I will NEVER meet a person with SO MANY WINNING TO LIVE AND ILLUSIONS like you. You are an example to anyone, and it is not you, but I, who thank you for having been able to enjoy these two weeks by your side and that of Josep and Manel. A pleasure!

To others, good evening everyone

Isaac, from Usuahia (Argentina)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 150 ARS (approx 26.78 EUROS)