Map of Rome with detailed plans for your trip (P2)


If you have already arrived here, you have a more or less clear idea of ​​what you want to do (remember all the ideas we gave you in P1 of the preparations “Choosing the things to do in Rome”) So our next step will beorganize it to be able to print everything by areas or neighborhoods on a map of Rome with detailed plans, locating where all the monuments, visits (including downtown and Vatican), places of interest or experiences are (both the typical ones, those that everyone knows as those that do not appear in the guides and that thanks to you - and our friend Silvi- we can include in this distribution)

We also made a division of the city of Rome into several areas, specifically inthe North Zone, Central-Historic Zone, Imperial Zone, Vatican and Trastevere, which would serve to organize in an easier way any traveler the places of interest as well as experiences and gastronomy and capture them now with detailed maps and plans and make your own itinerary more easily in the coming days. UPDATED 2019ALL ORGANIZED ROME PREPARATIONS:

"1. Choosing the things to do in Rome (P1)" Which are your favorites for the itinerary?
"2. Map of Rome with detailed plans for your trip (P2)" to place all the attractions
"3. Excursions from Rome (in Spanish or by free) (P3)" to complete your trip if you have more days
"4. Vatican and Roman Colosseum Tickets! NO TAILS! (P4)" which are possible to buy online
"5. Routes through Rome, design your itinerary (P5)" Have you decided all the above? You already have a final itinerary
"6. 30 Tips for traveling to Rome important (P6)" Those details that have escaped you. Review them with us.


We will start talking about the division of the areas in which Rome is usually distributed in order to understand it better.

The tourist map of Rome in 5 areas, the best way to organize it

Are you something lost like us before you start preparing the trip? It's so many things, right? And where are all those places, places, monuments restaurants and experiences that we want to see and that we recapitulate the other day? Well, it's easier than we thought if we divided the city into a map of Rome with the 5 areas named above: North, center-historical, imperial, Vatican, and Trastevere . In addition, we are preparing a trip to Rome in 4 days (Although these maps are valid for all variants) so we can now, joining Vatican and Trastevere within the same day as we did in 2008, design the maps for them

Now that you know what the 5 zones are, we can make a brief description of each of them:
- The North Zone It is where we will know first hand some traces of the beginnings of this great city. It includes the district of Tridente with the Trevi Fountain and the Quirinale
- The Historic downtown area It is one of the most important and with the largest congregation of squares and monuments. Includes Piazza Navona, Campo di Fiore and Piazza Venecia
- The Imperial zone it will be the one that allows us to relive that era of splendor that Rome lived as the capital of the Roman Empire. Includes Foro, Palatino, Colosseum, Esquilino and Laterano and Caracalla Neighborhoods
- The Vatican area speaks for itself, headquarters of one of the world's major religions. It includes the Basilica of San Pedro, Dome, Vatican Museums but we have also added its surroundings (the Castle of Sant'Angelo)
- The Trastevere area We joined the previous one, it is a neighborhood where you could spend 1 week and not want to leave. It includes all that maze of cobbled streets with a lot of charm.

Feel for a moment a gladiator in the Colosseum? Observe the immensity of the Vatican? Enjoy ice cream in Piazza Navona? Time to locate everything. We have been receiving recommendations from our readers and you know that we love that you share your favorite and special sites with us, just as we do. We have to thank Javier for his recommendation of “The best pizza in all of Rome”. We want to go to Rome to see if that is true. The site is Navonna Notte, very close to Piazza Navona. Another reader (thanks Mayte) recommended her favorite restaurant in Rome: restaurant Osteria Angelino, That seems to be the typical Roman tavern, with very nice waiters and very good food at a good price. Pointed!

We present our custom detailed maps of Rome in which we will identify everything and that will help us to incorporate many illusions into an itinerary or routes through Rome in later articles.

Rome plans in detail to print (distributing everything to do, see or taste)

All located? We have a list of places, experiences, restaurants and more visits of our first article where we cited some of the things to do in Rome COMPLETED with contributions from forums, blogs and all our readers and as we have already divided the areas that will form our itinerary, well ... on the move !!!

!IMPORTANT!This is NOT just a traditional point-map guide, but it is a compilation of forums, blogs and everything you have recommended in the article “Choosing things to do in Rome” (including experiences and those places to see or try gastronomy that do not appear in the guides)and, of course, without forgetting the traditional so you don't have to look for it. It also reflects what will not come into our plans (but maybe yours). It is divided in a way that allows it to fit into an itinerary of 4 days or more days

Of course this is not an itinerary proposal…! IT DOES NOT HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING! Everyone will choose what they want but they will have everything perfectly located and the numbers are indicative of a possible address in which we would do it.

In red monuments or places of interest appear, in Pink those who have "something else" experience (a view, a walk, a enjoyment, ...) and in purple the gastronomy

Map of Rome: North Zone

A good start could be the Plaza del Popolo from where to climb to contemplate the views from Monte Pincio continuing through the Villa Borghese, Plaza de España and its staircase and, depending on the weather, go to Veneto, Barberini, Santa María de los Ángeles or directly to the Fotana di Trevi. Don't forget the Via Condotti (click on map to enlarge)

(1) Piazza del Popolo with its Santa María del Popolo Church (works by Caravaggio)
(2) Monte Pincio, one of the best views
(3) Villa Borghese, the largest park in Rome for a walk
(4) Borghese Gallery, art gallery with works by Rafael or Bernini
(5) Piazza Spagna with the Fontana della Barcaccia, the stairs and the Church of the Trinitá dei Monti
(6) Via Veneto, the street of the Dolce Vita de Fellini
(7) Santa María de la Concepción and enter the crypt of the Capuchins
(8) Piazza Barberini with the Fontana de Tritone, one of Bernini's first fountains and the famous Bernini Hotel
(9) Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels, built in the Baths of Diocletian
(10) Palazzo Massimo alle Terme and its museum of Roman frescoes
(11) The church of San Andrés del Quirinale with his sacristy and chambers of San Etanislao
(12) Trevi Fountain, the most famous fountain in Rome
(13) Temple of Hadrian
(14) Via Condotti, the fifth Roman avenue
(x1) Pizzeria Piccola Roma where to try the spaghetti carbonara
(x2) Caffé Greco, a classic and the oldest coffee in the city where you have to order a Capuccino
(x3) Trattoria Tritone, highly recommended
(x4) Il Chianti Winery, delicious food, super nice terrace and nothing expensive for quality and area
(x5) Spaghetteria L'Archetto, famous for its hundreds of pasta possibilities

Map of Rome: Central-Historical Zone

A good idea would be to start with the Pantheon of Agripa and wander through squares and places of interest to Piazza Venezia where we can eat or have a panoramic coffee to return through the Ghetto and the areas that border the most picturesque Tiber along Campo di Fiori until Navona Square (click on map to enlarge)

(1) Piazza Colonna, where is the Colonna de Marco Aurelio
(2) Bortolucci, famous store where to buy a pinocchio
(3) Church of San Ignacio de Loyola, one of the coolest baroque churches
(4) Pantheon, also known as the Temple of all gods
(5) Church of San Luigi di Francesi with his famous painting by Caravaggio.
(6) Church of Santa María sopra Minerva in the area of ​​Campo de Marte, the only gothic church in Rome
(7) Church of the Gesú, first Jesuit Church in Rome
(8) Piazza Venezia, where the monument to Vittorio Emanuelle is located
(9) Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, where to go up to the panoramic terrace to have a good coffee
(10) Church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, worth
(11) Fontana delle Tartarughe, where to discover the turtles of Piazza Mattei
(12) Ghetto, to be deceived by the Jewish quarter of Rome including from the Portico of Ottavia (via the Pórtico D'Ottavia) to the Teatro di Marcello and the Temple of Apollo
(13) Palazzo Farnese
(14) Palazzo Spada
(15) Campo di Fiore, ambience and even markets
(16) Arco degli Acetari, a very different and Roman courtyard that is accessed by the Pellegrino route
(17) Gammarelli, the clergy shop
(18) Navona Square, the most famous square in Rome with its source of the four rivers (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi with Nile, Ganges, Danube and Rio de la Plata)
(19) Via Gulia full of charming little houses parallel to the Tiber
(x1) Da Tonino Restaurant food, homemade in the center
(x2) Da II Baffetto, the oldest pizzeria in Rome
(x3) Giolitti Ice Cream Shop, the oldest ice cream shop in Rome
(x4) Monte Carlo Pizza,where better not to talk about Neapolitan pizzas since they defend that they make the best Roman pizzas (thin dough)
(x5) Pasticceria Boccione, where you have to try the ricotta cake
(x6) Navona Notte Restaurant, recommendation of Javier after 25 years going to Rome (unique pizza)

Map of Rome: Imperial Zone

Traveling by bus to the furthest area like the Pyramid of Cayo Cestio could be a good idea to go back tomorrow by multiple fascinating points of a different route until you reach the Coliseum. The surroundings of the Coliseum and even approaching San Giovanni in Laterano and taking a bus to the Catacombs could complete a perfect day (click on map to enlarge)

(1) Cestia Pyramid, Egyptian style pyramid in Rome. Nearby is the Romanesque or English cemetery (Do not miss the sculpture of the angel crying so imitated from the grave of Emelyn Story - thanks Elisa-).
(2) Villa of the Knights of the Order of Malta, where to gossip for the "secret" lock
(3) The Orange Garden or Savello Park, where to enjoy some of the best views of Trastevere
(4) Santa Maria in Cosmedin Church famous for the nearby Bocca della Verita
(5) Massimo Circus, in ancient times housed car racing
(6) The Hot Springs of Caracalla
(7) Palatine
(8) Roman Forum, the central area of ​​the Roman Empire, the Arch of Titus, the Temple of Saturn or La Curia are some of the most representative
(9) Arch of Constantine, the largest and best preserved city
(10) Colosseum, one of the symbols of Rome
(11) Capitoline Museums
(12) Piazza del Campidoglio, going up from the Forum to enjoy one of the best views from the top (and the statue of Romulo and Remo)
(13) Mamertine Jail or "Tullianum", shuddering in the first prison under the Church of S. Giuseppe dei Falegnami where the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul were imprisoned
(14) Basilica of San Pietro in VincoliWhere is Michelangelo's Moses
(15) Basilica of Santa María la Mayor
(16) San Clemente Church exploring the underground of the first Christian church
(17) San Giovanni in Laterano, the Cathedral of Rome until the fourteenth century
(18) Via Appia Antica, the first road in southern Rome that takes you back in time to the Roman Empire
(19) Catacombs of San Calitxo, the most famous in Rome
(x1) Pizzeria Luzzi, where to try a memorable lasagna
(x2) Pizza Forum, another one of the most famous

Map of Rome: Vatican combined with Trastevere

The smallest sovereign state in the world awaits us with its square, dome, basilica, museums and necropolis (if we have achieved tickets), a journey through the history of one of the most important religions in history and that we can complete in its full surroundings of bridges and Castel Sant'Angelo. The afternoon we can spend in one of the most famous bohemian neighborhoods of Rome, Trastevere, where you can enjoy its atmosphere and of course its gastronomy since almost all the advice that our readers gave us is from this area. It has innumerable places to taste a good meal or a delicious dinner and where to spend a pleasant time taking, of course, a cappuccino or an ice cream. And how are we doing? Crucerito por el Tiber? (click on map to enlarge)

(1) Umberto I Bridge, a beautiful panorama to take a picture
(2) Piazza di San Pietro
(3) St. Peter's Basilica, seat of Catholicism. Do not miss, among others, the sculpture of La Piedad by Michelangelo, climb the 551 steps of the> Dome of the Vatican and get the best views that the Pope has or decipher the mysteries of Catholicism in the Vatican Necropolis and / or Via Triumphalis
(4) Vatican Museums, galleries of great artistic value with the Sistine Chapel
(5) Sant'Angelo Castle, in the surroundings of the Vatican
(6) Sant'Angelo Bridge, where to see Bernini's ten angels
(7) Cruise on the Tiber River, a pleasant walk between Vatican and Trastevere
(8) Gianicolo Hill, one of the best views of Rome
(9) Tiber Island
(10) Church of Santa María in the Trastevere neighborhood, one of the oldest places of worship
(11) San Francesco to Ripa with the essential sculpture of Bernini de la Beata Ludovica Albertoni
(x1) Carlo Mint Restaurant, good price and good food
(x2) The Fraschetta, beautiful and picturesque
(x3) Pizzeria Ai Marmi, ideal for dinner
(x4) The Scaletta, a homemade menu for € 10 of three dishes with dessert included with terrace
(x5) Tratoria Dar Poeta, picturesque
(x6) Ombre Rossepicturesque
(x7) Casetta dei Trastevere, try the rigatoni della casetta (his most famous dish)
(x8) Meridionale Tratoria, famous but not very expensive, small and nice
(x9) Divine Panino, tiny place to eat or take sandwiches at 4 or 5 euros that make you with the ingredients you want to have exposed there and a drink. Highly recommended (thanks Mayte)

Some activities to consider to optimize your time

To get to know Rome in depth, just like any European capital, but especially the Eternal City, you would have to have a month (what can you tell us about Angels? a series of tricks, guided tours or activities IN SPANISH that can allow you to optimize your time:

Guided tour of Vatican and Imperial Zone 6 hours skipping all the lines
Guided tour only by Vatican 3-4 hours skipping all the lines
Illuminated Rome Night Tour touring it at nightfall (The Vatican, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain ...)
Rome tour bus on two floors and it has 8 stops to get on and off whenever you want
Ancient Rome on Segway passing through the Circus Massimo, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Mouth of Truth.

And those of us who have Rome itineraries of 5, 7 or more days?

These maps of Rome are nothing more than detailed plans with everything that, after investigating in many media, could be incorporated into any itinerary of Rome. If you have more time much better because surely you can distribute it with more tranquility and also surely you can incorporate options such as:

- Day trips from Romewhat can you find in the 11 best excursions in Rome (and more reserved) or in the box below where we have made a small selection of the most reserved.


If you want to complete your trip to Rome with some getaway around the city to explore a little more of the beautiful Italy... here are some ideas that can help you:

Florence excursion (full day), one of the excursions that most curious and anxious travelers attracts. An entire day (with high-speed train travel) to get to know the wonderful city of Florence.
Excursion to Capri (full day), a full-fledged "natural paradise".
Visit to Tivoli with Villa Adriana and Villa del Este (half day), if you do not have an extra full day to include a full day excursion but, maybe, if you have half a day to visit the jewels of Tivoli, an essential stop on your visit to Rome.
Excursion to Naples and the ruins of Pompeii (full day), a stop that no traveler wants to miss.

Of course, there are many more excursions in Rome, these are just a few. You can check the complete list and see if there is any that fits what you want to do.

- Visits or experiences nearby such asMercatino di Ponte Milvio, the neighborhoodQuartiere Coppedé, theBasilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls or the so-called little Pompeii in Ostia Antica. You could even incorporate the Villa Doria Pamphilj (the largest in Europe) orParco degli Acquedotti.

CHAVETAS ITINERARY: After deciding the things we want to do and distribute the main attractions of Rome, pending future articles where we will analyze excursions and tickets, we have decided that the day we arrive (by proximity to the accommodation) we will do the north area and on Friday to avoid crowds the Vatican and Trastevere. We will continue moving forward but it looks like this ...

DAY 1/29 September (Thursday): North zone (arrival 11'20)
DAY 2/30 September (Friday): Vatican - Trastevere
DAY 3/01 October (Saturday): -
DAY 4/02 October (Sunday): - (return next morning)

PENDING TO ASSIGN:Central-historical zone, imperial zone

Has it served you all the compilation of places of interest in these detailed maps of Rome organized here for your future trips? Roma Pass, skip-the-line tickets, excursions,…! We will continue working on it!

Paula, Isaac, Silvia, Javi and Cris, preparing our trip to Rome