Port Lokroy on Goudier Island


Today is our last day before heading back to Ushuaia, going through the fearsome and stormy Drake Pass. That shows, because the Russian crew has already begun to adapt the ship for it.

The russian crew of the ship, which consists of 20 members is very peculiar too. Starting by Captain. He is a serious man, who imposes respect every time he appears on the Bridge of Command. It has a second officer, or whatever it is called in the chain of command, which is the one that has directed the most navigation, even in the most dangerous situations.

Another peculiar type is Sergeiv, the radio operator. Thanks to the friendship that I have ended up doing with him, I have had certain privileges when sending the emails that have allowed me to publish this "mini-diary" of Bitacora. Sergeiv is the Russian tipiquisimo of movies. Short, with a big mustache and with an unintelligible Russian-inglish. In the end we ended up talking in the language of the monkeys, with gestures ...

I've already told you about the chefs and the waitresses, but about the in charge of making the room no. There are days that even changing us for the first "landing" in the morning are already pressing to clean the bed, change the towels and take to the laundry what we have left. They even leave us water in the room. The truth is that for such a "rustic" ship it is a detail ...

The rest of the crew He lives with his back to us. They have their cabins on the ground floor, where only a few have arrived, and their maintenance work and machine room are the ungrateful part of an expedition like this. From here, !! CHAPEU !! for all of them

Saturday 12 of December
12'47, Port Lokroy, Goudier Island.
At 63º 29 'W, 64º 49' S

Of the 40,000 / 50,000 people who visit Antarctica a year, 16,000 stop at Port Lokroy. 40,000 or 50,000 people, uffs ... is that it is less than 0.8% of those who visit Paris in 1 year, and 0.00001% or less of those who travel the world ...

Port Lokroy it is a British base installed in the Goudier Island and currently run by four young girls, only and exclusively women. There they do all kinds of scientific tasks, including the control of several penguins of a Gentoo colony.

The friendly hosts invite us to enter the "facilities". There you can see a kind of "museum / warehouse" in which "junk" appear that I only remember seeing in movies. Old photo reels, skis made of wood, a macro-radio transmitter, and even the bar that the old expeditionaries had to use on more than one occasion.

But also, this place is one of the few places where buy some souvenirs and take some postcards. Does anyone expect one? hehehe

One of the main attractions of the island is to see how the first "penguins", the first two of the season. They look like toy stuffed animals ...

Finally, we finish the "landing" approaching in the zodiak to Jougle Bay, in Wienckle Island, just 500 m from the previous one. Here we can observe true whale bones. Seen this way they look like remains of sea monsters from sea tales.

Saturday 12 of December
17'24, About to leave at the Drake Pass
At 62º 48 'W, 64º 31' S

I didn't want to leave Antarctica, without just talking a little more about the people around us. I've talked about Luzziana, Grandma Katherine, Koen "the boy" ... but there have been people who have given Molchanov a special "something." Starting by "The Hawaiian" and his mother opera singer. The "Hawaiian" is a big boy. A 20-year-old boy in which the illusion of a childhood was reflected, the same that we carry everything inside. In the end it turned out to be the youngest in the group. Then Stephanien and Koen with 29 years and then me with 31 years.
Funny is also the history of the other 11 americans ship's. The agency that sent them the trip did so by telling them "the milonga" that they were on a ship surrounded by scientists. Anyway ... There is everything.
Then there is the Belgian "Jim". I never really got his name to learn it, but his resemblance to Jim Carrey It's so amazing it looked like this. Peculiar like him alone.
In the boat barely saw couples. Joan and Merce were one. Toni and Carmen the other. But one highlight above all, one newly married Austrian couple. Even on the day of the barbecue the staff of the boat gave them a cake "honeymoon", a detail.
Special confidence I took with another Austrian, majestic, who traveled with his camera and many illusions. His desire on the trip was to be able to get a good material to sell to a German producer. I hope I get it. Of course the videos will have been brilliant.
The "Greek" that accompanies Joan Olive in the cabin is also "another" taken from a group in extition. In the top he took off all his clothes and recorded himself with some words in Greek addressed to ... I don't know who ... each one with his follies
Isabel Filipa It is another that left me with my mouth open. In addition to having a beautiful smile, she is a Portuguese girl who knows Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. Last year he came through Patagonia to Ushuaia. He was unaware of the possibility of coming to Antarctica outside a scientific vessel. She promised herself to do it this year and has done so. He has lived in Bilbao, Malaga, Madrid in Spain and throughout the world, now in London. A search engine for experiences and with little more than 30 years.
Stuart is "the Scotsman". He lived a few months in Valencia. It is also pure energy. A true ringleader of the bar's night parties, and a great guy, without a doubt.
And I could go on talking about a couple of very nice Malaysians, a couple of Italians, the sea of ​​serious people, a Scottish diversion, etc ... etc ...

Changing third, in a few hours I will be a "rifle without bullets" so Josep has taken the opportunity to invite us to a toast with Cava. A whole detail ...

Saying goodbye to Toni (guide of Agama), already passing the Canal de Neumayer, without even leaving Antarctic waters, he explained to me the four parts that he considers he has a trip. I especially liked some words with which he described the last phase, the memory phase. It only remains to sit down to enjoy the photos, and above all, remember what each one contains. Each photo contains a moment, a feeling and a memory. Much more than what any other person outside the moment perceives. That is the true memory of a trip ... and this trip, I don't think I will ever forget.

The snowfall that is falling right now is one of the largest we have lived. The crude Antarctica comes to say goodbye. Even the crystals of the Bridge of Command remain frozen while taking effect the fans that have installed to avoid it.

Up to 3 days ... the "Rock N 'Roll" begins !!

NOTE: Family, Friends, Readers and Cia. Don't worry. In a few hours there will be no communications in the Molchanov and I will be stuck in my bunk (or who knows if already running around the halls). I will not write anything or give signs of life until Tuesday 15 in Ushuaia at night. See you all soon. Forever Antarctica.

Isaac, from the Drake Pass