What to visit in Montevideo


5 AND A HALF. It all sounds. I haven't slept for 5 hours and I get in the shower. I don't want to miss the BUQUEBUS that will take me from Buenos Aires to a new country, Uruguay. Specifically to its capital, Montevideo.

!! Idiot !! !! Your mother's shell! Pelotudoooooooooooo !! Get out of there. The taxi driver who takes me demonstrates once again the character of the Argentines. All cars whistle. Nothing to do with other Southeast Asian countries or recently in Syria. The procedures of Ship very simple I invoice the suitcase, cover an entry paper, pass the "mini-customs" and that's it. New passport stamp.

He Ship It is a "old" ferry quite fast that connects Buenos Aires with Colonia and Montevideo through the DIRTY Rio de La Plata. It also carries cars and other cargoes. There are several types of class, from Tourist to 1st higher. Today goes to the top, and this is that Sunday is voted in Uruguay (and there is mandatory if you are census).

The big question you will ask yourself ... Why Uruguay? It doesn't seem like a very "flashy" destination. Well, it is true, Uruguay is not a highly acclaimed destination in Spain but by Brazilians and Argentines. Almost unknown to us, Uruguay is one of the countries with the least pollution in the world. The fact that the largest reserves of sea lions migrate every April and November to the shores of Punta del Este and Cabo Polonio says a lot. It is precisely Cabo Polonio that is my name, a place isolated from the world, without electricity or water, where they say that feelings multiply ... but I will talk about that tomorrow

The journey has been done in a plis plas (it is 3 hours and 15 min) enlivened by a kind of "charanga" of Uruguayans playing the whole trip. In 30 min I was in my accommodation here, the Red Hostel (COMPLETE ARTICLE ON THE ACCOMMODATION HERE), a very basic hostel. And without wasting time, to the life of the center of Montevideo, taking advantage to change to 29.3 UYU for EURO

In Uruguay there is 1 hour difference with respect to Argentina, therefore, 3 hours with respect to Spain. Total, that there is hunger and on top of it it is not 13'00 but 14'00 so… !! TO TRY FOOD !! (following my mother's advice ... or was it the other way around? hehej). Today I try one of the famous "La Pasiva" breweries he Uruguayan chivito (a kind of dish with bread, chicken, tomato, steak, egg and potatoes) and a Pilsen beer local (also very rich, 180 UYU all). By the way, I love the good humor and the sympathy of the waiters ...

Montevideo is not a city that calls me especially, but nevertheless the first impression it has caused me is very Havana style, and very familiar. Unlike Buenos Aires, Montevideo has been built facing the sea (as is logical). Next to the Plaza de la Independencia or Matrix (there called) is the Montevideo Cathedral o Parent Church.

For not loading much the story of visits, comment that I spent the afternoon making a new friend (Angello, 59, Croatian living in London, who has left his daughter and his wife to visit Uruguay) and enjoying Montevideo as much as possible, he legislative Palace (photos), the Botanical Garden, the Centennial Stadium famous (photo)…

... and a multitude of statues, by Artigas (the Uruguayan hero who gave the Independence of Spain), San Martín, many of the Italian sculptor Angelo Zanelli, especially beautiful this ...

But at this time, and leaving aside the culture and history of Montevideo and Uruguay (I will not tell the story, it is very similar to Argentina and its independence), I would like to tell you a story that has chilled me when I heard it and I didn't know The area of ​​Uruguay in its origins was inhabited by charruas tribes. Spaniards, illnesses and injustices left their population very depleted. If this were not enough, history left the extermination of the town at the hands of Uruguayans themselves.

But one of the saddest and cruel stories What I have heard is that the last 4 charruas (which appear in the upper statue of one of the largest parks in Montevideo) were hunted like rabbits and sold by Uruguay to a French museum to be exhibited behind a showcase until their last breath. This was the end of the charruas.

The rest of the afternoon I approached the Carrasco neighborhood, next to the Hotel Casino Carrasco, where a very special person was waiting for me.

Fernando Semproni is one of the owners of Indoor Uruguay. Months ago I contacted him to make inquiries about Uruguay and try to organize some transfers that I saw complicated for free. Not only did he help me, but his kindness, treatment and affection have been exceptional since I met him. Today I can say that I have a friend in Uruguay. We spent the afternoon talking about travel, about their business (they will open a delegation in Argentina), about my concerns and eating a pizza and taking another Uruguayan beer, la Patricia (260 UYU). If anyone is encouraged to appear in Argentina or Uruguay, I recommend that you contact him. Thank you very much for every partner and see you soon ...

Right now I just arrived by taxi (180 UYU) at Red Hostel (COMPLETE ARTICLE ON THE ACCOMMODATION HERE). I am very tired since I barely slept yesterday (5h), nor the day before yesterday (plane), nor the previous one (nerves ...), so I do not think I lasted long in falling in bed ... before I want to tell you an anecdote that explains very well what I am living. Today in Montevideo the change of character with people has been total. People are much calmer and more friendly. And that the Uruguayans and Argentines are cousins ​​(although they deny it). Fernando told me, that in the Argentine CQC They spent the other day a joke. They put a hidden camera, disconnected a very simple cable from the air conditioning of an old woman and called technicians to repair it. All those who appeared put a thousand excuses, that if $ 200, that if he had to take it, that if he was going to get it out of one eye of the face, until one came and said "See, it's this cable, that's it, I had nothing ". The incredulous old lady asked ... where are you from? And the waiter replied ... "I've been living in Buenos Aires for 10 years, but I'm really Uruguayan." The program did the same in Uruguay. Result? Do you intuit it? There were 6 or 7 technicians who said it was a "cable" and a fuss that didn't ... draw your own conclusions ...

A bico family, friends, readers and company. I'm still very tired but fine. The good is yet to come, this has been a small and light introduction of what will be AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY

Isaac, from Montevideo (Uruguay)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 22 ARS (approx 4.4 euros) and 620 UYU (approx 21.16 euros)