9 secret corners of Eastern Cantabria for Autumn


Fall is coming and with it those romantic getaways how much we like ourselves, for others with friends or even in family with children. It is at that time, reviewing these days one of our last adventures in Spain, when you realize that there are dozens of places to visit unknown to many. So, we bring you a compilation that you will like about it ... 9 secret corners of Cantabria Oriental for a getaway in Autumn! so that you have a quick vision of what you can find. For us it was a great discovery we hope it will be for you too.

9 secret (or almost) corners of Eastern Cantabria for Autumn

Cliffs of Liendo and the beach of San Julián.

This is for us our first secret corner, since it was the place we chose as the starting point of our itinerary in Eastern Cantabria and, of course, if everything that awaited us was like that, our escape that was beginning, was going to be a complete success. Is in the St. Julian's Beach Exactly where you will find this little secret corner.

To reach the beach, which in summer must also be a joy, the road borders a small private estate although it is well signposted. We do not stay here but continue to be able to reach the views of the valley behind. And there they were! All a panoramic spectacle of what looked like infinite walls that protected the stage before us. You will be among the Cliffs of Pico de las Minas and Peña Candina.

San Juan de Socueva, a rock jewel of Arredondo

Our second stop was this beautiful little town near Arredondo, but the secret we want to show you here is its ecave twig hidden in the mountain of Socueva, known by the name of San Juan de Socueva, where what we found upon arrival was much more than a lost hermitage

We were facing an authentic treasure that is essential to visit especially lovers of the authentic, where all you breathe is that halo mysticism on all sides.

Covalanas Cave, a less known legacy

And although we are telling you these corners by order of our visit, I will tell you that the Covalanas Cave we can consider it, always in our view, as Crown jewel. It is a true wonder that you can not miss for anything on your visit to Eastern Cantabria.

It is a cave art cave located near Ramales de la Victoria That makes you feel a true time traveler. It is possible that in Santillana del Mar there are the most famous paintings and engravings of the Paleolithic rock art of northern Spain, but Cantabria keeps many other secrets, starting with this one.

La Gándara viewpoint, suspended in the air

Recently we talked about him more extensively, telling him his story (and where it is located) but if it's secrets, the Gándara viewpoint I could not miss this list.

But although he is best known to you all, we couldn't help but name him once more. We can visit it in the town of La Gándara, in the Soba Valley and from it we can see the road that runs the Gándara River. A view that will leave you with your mouth open for the authenticity of the place and for the sensation you experience in a viewpoint that bursts into the void.

Asón Waterfall, the prize for your hiking trail

Another of the secret corners for your romantic getaway in autumn that we have already talked about. A wonder of nature and an end point of one of the best hiking trails you can do in Cantabria Oriental. TheAsón river waterfall It is the best prize you get when you finish an already impressive route.

In the waterfall starts the Birth of the river that bears his name. We are also in the Soba Valley in the Natural Park of the Collados del Asón. A spectacle of pure nature in which you will feel different because of the disconnection that is breathed here.

Sanctuary of the Well Appeared, place of pilgrimage

Perhaps much better known, but that we consider essential in this list, it is a place that was a sanctuary in its beginnings and today is a true temple. In Hoz de Marrón, near Ampuero, is the most important pilgrimage center in this area that, whether you are a believer or not, you should not miss

Behind there is much more than a miracle and every year thousands of pilgrims approach each September 15 to venerate the image of the Patroness of Cantabria.

Posada El Campo in Secadura, more than an accommodation

It will seem strange that we include here an accommodation in this list of secret corners for a romantic getaway in autumn but for us this inn is a true discovery that will not leave anyone indifferent.

In a cozy environment, surrounded by nature, with an original decoration (chairs that make pictures) and a familiarity that will make you feel at home, that's the way it is Posada El Campo in Secadura, a dream come true by his two owners, Deni and Paula. Once you know her you will want to repeat for sure.

Vidular Wineries, the benchmark for tastings in the area

It is not that we want to talk to you about wines (we are not great connoisseurs) but we did not want to miss this recommendation. The Vidular Wineries It is a corner that a family with winemaking tradition has created with effort and love.

But not only the winery, which performs tastings if desired, but also the rural house they own in full vineyards makes this place something special for those who decide to stay in this area.

Matienzo Valley as the final climax

And we have decided to include the Matienzo Valley as a final climax to this list of secrets for your romantic getaway in autumn and its route of total disconnection. To walk through it is to enter is one of the most beautiful and most virgin areas of this Eastern Cantabria that we are knowing (the photo is from Llueva, near Matienzo -thanks Jose-)

Embedded between valleys and only connected by mountain roads, the walk that crosses these places and towns is something you can not forget.

How about the romantic getaway that we have prepared for you this fall? (or with family or friends). What is one of the coolest you are going to do? Unknown corners are not lacking