Christmas in New York (EVERYTHING you should know) (P5)


Those lucky (yes, we love these dates) who can match their trip to the United States with this holiday will have in the New York Christmas a very special decoration on which you will have to incorporate a series of unavoidable "appointments" to your itinerary. Skating on the ice rink? Go to the lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree? Visit the famous Dyker Heights neighborhood? But there are also many that do not appear in the guides and we all want to know (that dinner at the Serenditipy3 with everything decorated, that hot chocolate with a Candy Cane or the special shows of these dates)

We tell you everything you can do these days at Christmas in New York (some also the rest of the winter)


"1. Choosing things to do in New York (P1)" Because we all have our own travel preferences, what are yours?
"2. New York neighborhoods with detailed maps (P2)" since it is the best division to organize your trip. Know them with a map!
"3. Tickets in New York: NBA, musical, Jazz ... (P3)" A hockey game or Nba? A musical in Brodway? Or Jazz?
"4. Excursions in New York (tours in Spanish) (P4)" since it is so large that it will be impossible to see everything walking
"5. Christmas in New York (EVERYTHING you should know) (P5)" for those who go in this era as marked as we
"6. Routes through New York, design your itinerary (P6)" Have you decided all the above? It's time to organize your itinerary. Here is ours (PDFs included)
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Adding dates and fixed Christmas events, in the next chapter we can close our final itinerary. !Let's go there! (all photos are from the databaseShuttershock to which we are subscribed - we have not gone yet-)

What dates does Christmas start in New York?

Are you doubting when to catch your flights to let you bewitched with the spirit of Christmas in New York? Well, we told you because we had many doubts which days to choose. When does Christmas start in New York?

The starting gun Thanksgiving begins, that is, the 4th Thursday of November. From the next day, Black Friday, in addition to being a day of compulsive shopping, the city lights up lights and decoration until the lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree on the following Wednesday (this year coincides on December 2). The end date is usually January 3 (for the Magi you will have to return to Spain) although some markets already close on December 24.

Christmas in New York, all unavoidable appointments

Tree lighting at Rockefeller Center

It is the symbol and main icon of the beginning of Christmas in New York. That first Wednesday after Thanksgiving, the so-called "Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony" (ceremony of lighting the Christmas Tree of the Rockefeller Center) is celebrated by the governor of the state of New York.

The tree, as we wrote this article, is already planted about 20 days before to put 30,000 colored lights in its final location (between the General Electric Building and the Prometheus statue). It is a Picea Abies that always exceeds half a century old and 20 meters high,

It is not easy to attend its ignition, as many people are concentrated around a not very large square but ... you have to try! no?

Turning on lights of other trees and streets in New York

Although the Rockefeller Center is the main icon of the beginning of Christmas, there are many other trees throughout New York that can be assisted in its lighting.

- Bryan Park. A tree lighting ceremony is also held, if it is more affordable for all audiences. around the skating rink and next to the Library.
- Park Aveneu. Specifically outside Brick Church and is very American, with trumpeters, anthem, speech, choir children singing Christmas carols and lighting.
- Queens Center The tree lights up between 5-6.30 pm with dancing, fun and games for children

(Update on the way back with our experience). And if it's lights, don't forget to see Manhattan at night at any time of the year, but now more. He Empire State Building (remember to see the special lighting calendar), he Brooklyn Bridge and other city icons They look prettier if possible.

Christmas decoration and shop windows in stores

If there is a city where Christmas decoration is taken to the extreme, that is New York, starting with the 5th Avenue and its dozens of shop windows adorned and illuminated to the brim.Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fith Ave, Tiffany & Co, Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys are some of the essentials but every year there is a new surprise

Unfortunately the FAO Schwarz Christmas store is closed! but we will always have the greatestToys R Us of the world, Disney Store or Boomerang Toys. He too Chelsea Market who dresses up for the occasion or all the 6th Avenue

MACY's and throw a letter to Santa Claus

!Okay come on! You are not going to recognize it but we all write our own letters to Santa Claus in privacy. Well, in Macy's, in addition to enjoying excellent Christmas decoration, you can have your own

Drink hot chocolate with a Candy Cane

The cold arrives and with it that desire for a hot chocolate that we like so much ... with churros? Noo! Here we have all been advised to order it with a Candy Cane, which is being the candy canes

Take an Apple Hot Cider at any market

As our compi has recommendedVeronica when we pointed out the things to do in New York, when the cold hit hard and catch us in an open market, in addition to good roasted chestnuts (roasted chesnuts) you can not miss an Apple Hot Cider! It will not disappoint us! (we will listen to you, hehe)

Eat or dine at Serendipity 3 with its extraordinary Christmas decoration

It is better that we do not put photos because we would discover one of the most beautiful evenings you can have in New York, in addition to film (never better). If the place is already a must-see, at Christmas its atmosphere is transformed into a dream place.

Dyker Heights, a neighborhood of Christmas lights

One of the great illusions that we carry on the trip. How many times have we seen in the movies those houses decorated to the smallest detail of Christmas? Well, the Dyker Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn is, since the 80s, the reference in New York.

There are excursions but we will go for free to see the display of lights and Christmas decoration installed by its residents

Christmas Carol on Pier 17.

Some people have recommended it to us and we have loved the idea because it seems that it gets to move. On Pier 17 there are choirs singing in front of a huge Christmas tree in South Street Seaport can be seen Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 2pm

A walk through snow-covered Central Park in a horse carriage with your blanket

Central Park is one of the great icons of the Big Apple and cannot be missed on any visit. There we will see people walking, riding a bike or playing sports but there are also other more Christmas options. Why not a horse carriage ride wrapped in a blanket like in the movies? !It can!

A route of Christmas trees

Or without a route, because you will hardly need it. From the best known Rockefeller Center to Pier 17, through the Lincold Center, Bryant Park, Trump Tower, Hotel Plaza, Waldorf Astoria and we could continue for hours

The New York Botanical Garden trains (and more for a lover like Isaac)

From November 21 to January 18 the Holiday Train Show, a minute train show that is impressive. !! New York at different scales !! with trains that circulate between the icons of the city (Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty ...) with all kinds of details. It seems that it is advisable to book

New Year's Eve in Times Square

It's a little crazy, so we're going to deny it, but if your visit coincides with New Year's Eve in New York, do you dare to wait for hours and hours to get a good place to watch the ball and fireworks fall in Times Square? I do not deny it, we would love it ... !! and some year we will do it !!

A visit to Richmond Town

Imagine a small town decorated completely Christmas inside New York itself, where the customs of yesteryear are maintained, even in their dress. Well, it is not necessary to go very far since the Richmond Town is in Staten Island and can be accessed by ferry and later bus. !! For Christmas lovers and their Christmas carols !!

Christmas markets in New York

Winter Village in Bryant Park

More than 125 small wooden shops form a Christmas "town" called Bank of America Winter Village around the ice rink that occupies the heart of the park. Don't forget a hot chocolate in Ice Bites. Open from October 30 to January 3 Monday through Friday from 11 am to 8pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 9pm and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm

Holiday Fair at Grand Central Terminal

Very close to the previous one and ideal when it is colder, an extraordinary craft and decoration market is installed in the Vanderbilt Hall of the Grand Central Terminal. Open November 14 to December 24 from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8pm and Sundays from 11 am to 7pm

Holiday Market in Union Square

More than 100 wooden stands with all kinds of original gifts are installed in this square every year. It will also be a good place to have an apple cider or a cappuccino if you need to warm up. Open from November 19 to December 24 with schedules from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 8pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 8pm and Sundays 10 am to 7 pm

Holiday Market in Columbus Circle

Did you think that in the Central Park area you would not find a market? Well in its southwest corner you can find this market that is installed from December 1 to December 24 with schedules from Monday to Saturday from 10 am-8pm and Sundays from 10 am-7pm

Other lesser-known Christmas markets that are installed in New York

It is difficult that you do not go through any of the above but if you want to have more options point the following: The 20th Annual Crafts at the Cathedral (4-6 December) in St. John the Divine, The Bust Magazine Craftacular and Food Fair Holiday (December 19-20) in the Brooklyn Expo Centerthat of Brooklin Flea Market (Saturdays and Sundays), theAstoria Market (December 6, 13, 20) in Queens

Ice skating in New York

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, the most famous

The Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center It remains open long before the arrival of Christmas until it is well past (October 12, 2015 - April 2016) although with the tree on it looks better than ever. Their schedules are from Monday to Sunday from 8.30 am to midnight and their cost is USD 25-32 per adult, USD 11 for children under 11 or retired and USD 12 skate rental

Ice skating in Bryan Park

The Pond or Citi Pond In Bryant Park you also have a wide range of time to enjoy yourself (October 30, 2015 - March 6, 2016), but like the previous one, it is at Christmas when it is surrounded by Christmas markets and the tree itself. Their schedules are from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 10 pm, it is from Free access although the rental of skates costs 15 USD

Ice skating in Central Park

Wollman Rink Central Park also opens when the cold begins (October 24, 2015 onwards) in the southeast area of ​​the park. Do you remember the movie of Solo at Casa 2? Their schedules and prices vary according to the day of the week but are usually between 10 am and 10 pm (except Monday and Tuesday that closes at noon) and between 11-18 USD adults and 6 USD children

More options for skating in New York open at Christmas

Lasker Rink in North Central Park
Riverbank State Park Ice Rink in Upper West Side of Manhattan
Sky rink in Chelsea Piers of Manhattan
The rink at Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan

Christmas tours and shows in New York

If you remember, in the article "Excursions in New York (and more tours in Spanish) (P4)"We exposed multiple tours that could be done in the city (and outside it) for your trip. Well, when Christmas comes, in addition to all the unavoidable appointments that we have told you, those who have little time or prefer a more organized excursion You have the following options:

DESCRIPTION OF THE EXCURSION: This is one of the classics of Christmas in New York, including viewpoints of Long Island City, Meat Packing District and, of course, the lighted house neighborhood of Dyker Heights in Brooklyn ending in the Empire State Building
LANGUAGE: Not necessary
DESCRIPTION OF THE EXCURSION: Do you want more to see the lighting of the tree? From a privileged view of it, you can also enjoy a gala with a buffet dinner, cocktail and show
ESTIMATED DURATION: 2 hours and 30 minutes
LANGUAGE: Not necessary
DESCRIPTION OF THE EXCURSION: Cruise with fantastic views of the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and much more enjoying good food, music, cocktails and memories with your family and friends.
LANGUAGE: Not necessary
DESCRIPTION OF THE EXCURSION: For those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of Times Square, this private yacht will cross to the Hudson River to enjoy an evening of cocktails, dinner, dancing and fireworks

Similarly, as we discussed in "Tickets in New York: NBA, musical, Jazz ... (P3)"The Rockettes event is also available and we add one that many people love, The Nutcracker

LANGUAGE: Not necessary (musical)
DESCRIPTION OF THE EXCURSION: The great Christmas musical par excellence of the Rockettes. Music, magic, 3D and get to know the impressive Radio City Music Hall (see all the information inTickets in New York)
LANGUAGE: Not necessary (musical)
DESCRIPTION OF THE EXCURSION: From November 27 to January 3 it is celebrated in the New York Ballet The considered best version of The Nutcracker with the choreography of George Balanchine and the music of Tschaikosky! Awesome!
BOOK SHOW AT: TicketNetwork (put in the search engine "george balanchine's the nutcracker new york" to filter the New York -there are several-)

What if you don't get tickets for Radio City Christmas Spectacular or Nutcracker?To Christmas Carol, The Musical, at Radio City Hall, Handel's "Messiah" or The New Year's Eve Concert for Peace (December 31) at Cathedral Church St. John the Divine orAmerica's New Year's Day "Salute to Vienna" (January 1) at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, may meet your needs

What we are not going to miss about Christmas in New York

!Nothing at all! We are lovers of Christmas, in fact they are the dates that we like the most. Christmas in Alsace, Christmas in Munich and Austrian Alps, Christmas in Istanbul, Christmas in Maldives, Christmas in Prague, Christmas in Switzerland, ...! You could not miss a Christmas in New York! For our dates we will not spend Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve this year, but if we absorb all the spirit of these parties that begin the same day we arrive.

We will not miss lit from the Rockeffeler Center tree as an unavoidable fixed appointment on December 2, but also not street markets, shop windows and everything listed up. He Radio City Christmas Spectacular (The Rockettes) since planning "Tickets in New York: NBA, musical, Jazz ... (P3)"And who knows if any other event or show?

ITINERARY OF PAULA AND ISAAC (CHAVETAS): With the incorporation of the Ignition of the tree in Rockefeller Center on December 2 (which we completed by adding Midtown East and MOMA that day by proximity), we close the calendar of fixed dates on which to build a reasonable itinerary. In the next chapter !! our definitive routes !!

DAY 1/27 November (Friday): A Coruña - Madrid - New York
DAY 2/28 November (Saturday): New York contrasts | Brooklyn Bridge Sunset | DUMBO
DAY 3/29 November (Sunday): 8'00 Gospel Mass | Harlem | Central Park | 19'30 NBA Match
DAY 4/30 November (Monday): -
DAY 05/01 December (Tuesday): -
DAY 6/02 December (Wednesday): Midtown East | MOMA | 19'30 Lighting the tree at Rockefeller Center
DAY 7/03 December (Thursday): - | 20'00 Radio City Christmas Spectacular
DAY 8/04 December (Friday): -
DAY 9/05 December (Saturday): -
DAY 10/06 December (Sunday): -
DAY 11/07 December (Monday): New York - (in flight)
DAY 12/08 December (Tuesday): (in flight) - Madrid - A Coruña

PENDING TO ASSIGN: Lower Manhattan, Lower East Side, Tribeca-Chinatown-Little Italy / Nolita, Soho, West Village-Greenwich Village, East Village, Chelsea-MeatPacking, Flatiron-Gramercy-Murray Hill, Midtown West, Midtwon 5AVE, Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Brooklyn, Broadway Show, Jazz Concert, helicopter flight

And now that? We already have everything, only the distribution of New York neighborhoods with detailed maps We did at the beginning, because now we have the fixed dates, tickets and events, incorporated into the calendar. But that's what we talked about in the penultimate chapter. Did you like Christmas ideas in New York?

Paula and Isaac, preparing our trip to New York almost Christmas