The 5 most impressive beaches in Oceania


Being able to gather in a small list of 5, the most impressive beaches in Oceania It is not a simple task. However, it is also a beautiful challenge that serves for that part of "documentary filmmaker" that everyone, whom we like to travel, we carry inside but also contribute a grain of sand that we have met in our own trips, especially the South Seas. Although the challenge goes further and we will be five blogs, at the initiative of the Cristina Monsalvo de Krisporelmundo compi, those that we reveal the most beautiful beaches of each of the five continents (At the end of the article I leave the one from Europe, America, Africa and Asia that our partners have chosen)

While we are aware that Australia, especially in its Tasmanian Bay, Queensland or its own Manley that we met in our passage through Sydney, Cook Islands, Bora Bora, Tahiti and its Islands or New Zealand in places like Cathedral Cove, have more than enough points to be part of this list, we are going to look the wildest side of a continent that is much more than the two big known countries.

The 5 most impressive beaches in Oceania

And what does the impressive adjective include? The dictionary says that it is that "that causes a very intense impression of admiration and / or surprise? And speaking of beaches? Fine white sands, turquoise blue water, palm trees or coconut trees giving us shade and warm waters that allow bathing ... and even a certain degree of insulationor, far from mass tourism. We agree?

Uepi beach in Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands

They say there are 3 pearls in the lesser known Ocenia. One is Rock Island, in Palau, Micronesia. Another one is in Polynesia and we will see it later. What are we missing in Melanesia? We moved for a moment to one of the most impressive island sets on the planet, from shallow waters that build true canals and get those sometimes impossible nuances, coral reef shelter and housing one of the best places in the world for diving

Marovo Lagoon is a wonder of nature but to enjoy the beach of Uepi, of a cabin to spend the night, of its cocoqueteros or its warm shallow waters, is a privilege for anyone

Funafuti Beach, Tuvalu

Already in Polynesia, we move not only to one of the most unusual places on the planet but also to most isolated country in the world (Only 2 weekly flights from Fiji access). And why unusual? The window of the plane remains small when from the distance you begin to observe an immense coral lagoon. We came inan island "boomerang", a place far from the South Seas and one of the most pristine beaches for the first time by Alvaro de Mendaña and Neyra in 1568

Despite what may seem at first, you can land in the only transverse space where a landing strip fits, in a small area wider than the rest of the island, while the country is paralyzed

Mounu Island beach in Vava'u, Tonga

We commented above the considered 3 pearls of the South Seas. We continue in Polynesia to move to the Kingdom of Tonga, to another jewel discovered by Francisco de Mourelle in search of shelter and supplies. We are in the Vava'u archipelago, a privileged natural refuge in the form of a pioneer jellyfish in the swimming with Yubartas whales They come to give birth to their young in these warm waters. And of course, one of the best beaches on the planet in Mounu Island

The beaches of Mounu meet that true paradise concept, far from the complexes and resorts of other places on the planet, on a small island of just 6.5 hectares of coral atoll and 4 small cabins.

Falua Beaches in Upolu, Samoa

Samoa sure lived better times before the tsunami that hit the country in September 2009, leaving 170 dead and thousands of homes destroyed in less than 10 minutes. However,Falua is currently a beautiful beach of fine white sand with a multitude of small “beach fales” where you can even spend the night

Crystal clear waters and a strong patriotic sentiment that prevents the overcrowding of foreign businesses ("Samoa is for Samoans") make this place of Upolu, the big island, one of the most recommended in Polynesia.

The 5 most impressive beach in Oceania, a dream to fulfill

Although all of the above have been objective travelers (or even dreams) fulfilled, there is one that makes us especially excited to be able to achieve one day. Do you want to write it on your list too? (Photos from the image bank of to which we are subscribed)

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

7 km long along Whitsunday Island and only accessible by boat from Airlie Beach, Shute Harbor or Hamilton Island,Whitehaven Beach is a true dream made paradise. Although its surroundings, its waters of multiple shades of blue or its privileged location, are sufficient arguments to include them in this list, they are its fine white sands, unique in the world, its main added value, composed of 98% purity of silica that gives the bright color

In addition, Whitehaven Beach has a particularity, This sand does not retain heat even on the hottest day So it is comfortable to walk barefoot in any circumstance.

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We invite you to know the most spectacular beaches in Europe, America, Asia and Africa and to comment… What other beaches would you add to this list of stunning beaches in Oceania?

Isaac and Paula, dreaming of stunning beaches around the world