Disneyland Hong Kong


Today has been a day of memories, of remembering childhood moments, to feel like a child again. Many may not understand why many things, but who knows us knows that today was a special day ... in Hong Kong

Yesterday we left a very interesting part of the Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair for the early hours of today morning, And that's what we're going to do. Again, and after having breakfast at the buffet that we have included in the hotel, we approached walking to the Center of Conventions and Exhibitions, or also called "architectural jewel" because it is a pleasure to observe it. Today we will not deepen much more and in just 2 hours we finish the last contacts

To the subway from Wan Chai, transshipment in Central, walk by underground to link with the orange line, transfer in Sunny Bay and monorail. About 40 minutes, since it is located on Lantau Island. We are already (96 HKD all four) in… DISNEYLAND HONG KONG

Disneyland Hong Kong It was inaugurated in 2005, being a reduced version of Disneyland Paris and smaller than Tokyo. A 15-year expansion plan is planned in which unique attractions will be built. The price is 350 HKD per person, although paying with VISA they give you a 10% discount, so the thing has remained at about 1260 HKD. Since we entered it is seen that it is a small version of the disneys previously visited.

We have decided to come on Thursday so that there were not too many people and it seems that we have succeeded. Going on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday to a Disney park can be a suicide.

The distribution is the same as in other parks, with Main Street, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland. Frontierland and its mining mountain are missing a bit. Also attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, the ghost house and some other ...

I am not ashamed to acknowledge that I have always enjoyed Disney parks. Never ever in my life will I forget that first great trip, the 1991 trip to Florida that took us for the first time to the whole family away from Spain, crossing the puddle, to see a new world. The beginning of my travelers wishes possibly.

My parents they are the first lovers of these worlds of illusion, and possibly they are of the few people who with this visit they have completed the 5 great Disney parks in the world: Orlando, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. You know, in 2015 to Shanghai when I opened the sixth.

I have always also thought that those who enjoy these sites are the middle and older people, since a young child hardly finds out about his surroundings. My favorite attraction is still a small word.

Here for 10 or 15 minutes, you immerse yourself in a world of automated dolls that sing music that can not be erased from your head ...

This park, perhaps what has surprised me the most, is a really amazing 3D show. Without a doubt, the best I've seen in my life anywhere besides fun. A theater that combined the incredible three-dimensional effects, with physical effects of the wind blowing, the smell of raspberries or the splash of water on your skin.

After eating (360 HKD all four), in one of the park's multiple restaurants, and not too bad, we attended the traditional float and music show as we already did in Florida'91 (specifically the DAY2-3 of the trip), California'92, Paris'93 and my parents in Tokyo last year. The music is not as catchy as the American one and perhaps it is something more bland. In this to the Americans there is no one who wins them, they are like children and the good thing is to be praised. Hong Kong people have a hard time entering and expressing emotions.

The We spent the afternoon in Adventureland, where we return to enjoy the walk through the traditional jungle, as well as some other game of totems and a beautiful show in a kind of square-theater.

Despite being much smaller, for a few hours, It has served to transport us 20 years ago on that trip, the first that made the family together. Grandma cotters wanted us to meet 14 years after the last of 1997 the 4 together, I'm sure of that. How much has changed since then ...

... and that little at a time. It is a pleasure to travel the whole family cottages, and relive a world of illusions, although many may seem like a playground for children. Who doesn't have his child inside? I admire my parents for that. I hope I never lose it, as they have done throughout their lives and they have transmitted it to us.

We return to take the subway (96 HKD) to plant in Central and exit by the Des Voeux Road Central Street, a LUXURIOUS street of branded stores and high-level centers, far from the street markets seen these days. This is a true luxury neighborhood.

One of the "must have" that everyone has talked to us about, and that nobody should miss (and if they can catch) are the Hong Kong trams. These days we have seen and / or used the taxi, the bus, the subway, the star ferry, the trolleybus but it is the first day we see the tram, absolutely picturesque.

We also set aside one of the most emblematic buildings we saw yesterday, DAY 6 of the trip, in the "dance of light and sound", the Bank of China Tower, built in 1989, a skyscraper 369 meters high, with 70 floors and built of aluminum and glass. At the time the tallest building in Asia until 1992.

Our course leads us towards Peak Tram, a funicular that operates every 10-15 minutes and costs HKD 65 per person including the ascent to the Sky Terrace and puts you on Victoria Peak, the highest mountain on the island of Hong Kong with 552 meters high. Since last minute Disney has begun to sparkle and there is an intense fog, as there was yesterday and that's why we leave Victoria Peak for today. We will not be lucky. In any case, since we are here we will go up to meet you.

MY THOUGHTS: During my parents' visit to Yokohama, something similar happened to them. The fog prevented seeing the beautiful views of the bay. The Japanese warned my parents not to raise or charge them the entrance fee. Since they were there my parents wanted to see it and left it at 50% in addition to inviting them to a soda upstairs.

The Chinese are NOT the Japanese. In Hong Kong everything looks more like Japan, but the Chinese character is more rogue, more gulf. At no time do they threaten to notify you. Not only that, even if you don't take the option of going up to the Sky Terrace. Anyway ... everyone has what they grow.

The funicular, cable car, or whatever you want to call it, takes about 5-10 minutes to get to the top and arrives directly at a huge shopping center with restaurants and shops that have been assembled.

Upon arrival we go to the Sky Terrace !! THE VIEWS ARE SPECTACULAR! !! NOTHING HERE !! !! NOTHING THERE! But imagination goes a long way… hahahaha. Maybe next time. We already have a reason to return to Hong Kong, perhaps sooner than we expect ... (the photo on the right is taken from Google Images)

We take the opportunity to dine here (256 HKD) and buy some new gift (325 HKD), to return to Harbourview Hotel (full article of accommodation in THIS ARTICLE) from which I am writing to you right now with Kowloon in front of my enlightened one. Tomorrow we will get up early to go to Macao so today I do not roll up much. !! See you tomorrow !!

Isaac & Family, from Hong Kong

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 2,328 HKD (approx. 210.11 euros) and GIFTS: 325 (approx. 29.33 euros)