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And now you dedicate "the keys" to give discount on Iati Travel Insurance? Although many times we have had offers from certain companies to put advertising on the blog (you see that we are still just without it) this is the first time we can put it because we really know what we recommend.

SECTION "VACATION OFFERS (Discounts)": The fact of taking the internet since 1995 and 2006 with the blog, in addition to having so much content and information, has made many companies interested in advertising on this website. It is not our policy to show content that, either we have not tried, or our reader does not take any benefit either in the form of a discount or similar. That is why, from the position of a blog already with some force, we encourage you to send us your suggestions if you want us to try to negotiate some type of discount for readers. !! Write us without fear !!

IATI Insurance, 5% DISCOUNT with Keys

Those who know us or have read the preparations for the trips we have been making, you will know that we have contracted travel insurance with Columbus, Intermundial, Europe Assistance, ... with more or less satisfaction. It's been a few trips when we decided on the advice of another blogger to travel with IATI INSURANCEand for various reasons that we will explain later, the degree of satisfaction with a problem we have had has been TOTAL.

That is why we have been encouraged to offer you a 5% discount If you make your insurance from any CHAVETAS link like the following one, because it also gives us a little money to hire ours and continue telling you about our adventures ...

Why take out travel insurance?

Whenever they ask us that question, I answer the anecdote that happened to us in Japan in 2008. There we met a boy who with a budget of € 2,000 for airplanes and stays, in backpacking, had gone to travel a country not especially cheap saving even in insurance. Fate wanted a bad day to fall down the stairs of the Ryokan where he was staying and a while later he would wake up in a hospital, where after observation he would be discharged without serious gravity. The "painful" amounted to € 2,500, and what with an insurance of just € 50 could have been avoided, became the worst experience of his trip.

But the known cases are many more: A 4-day hospitalization for infection in Thailand is 2,300 euros, an appendicitis operation in the US is 20,000 dollars, a simple ambulance to the hospital in many parts of the world does not fall below 500 dollars.

Ok, we need insurance, but why with IATI?

We have our own answer. Why they respond and, after going through several insurance and having our own experience, this is appreciated. You have more detailed information of certain destinations in:

- How to hire the best travel insurance for Japan
- Mandatory medical insurance to travel to Cuba
- Hire the best travel insurance for the United States

Some of the reasons that convinced us most of the IATI SEGUROS proposal were the following:

- Language: Forget the dictionary, in IATI they attend you in your language wherever you go
- You don't advance money: In IATI if you have a mishap, they take care of everything, you do not have to advance money and they will return it to you like other insurance.
- Greater medical coverage than other insurance and NO franchise
- 24-hour customer service at reverse charge
- AND the best of travel insurance: Expenses for cancellation, movement of a family member, theft and damage of luggage, repratriation and transport,…

Keys, can you help us with the hiring process?

!! More would be missing !! It really is very simple but we do it with you ...

1. Click on any of our banners or here at

Click 5% DISCOUNT directly on the web - IATI

... and directs you to the contracting platform with discounted prices.

2. Click on "Calculate Budget", and on the next screen "Travels"

3. You choose the type of insurance you are looking for, as well as the dates and people you need to be integrated into your insurance

4. The platform will give you all available options and 5% discount will be applied automatically About official rates. Choose the insurance that best suits your needs.

5. It only remains that Fill in your details, make the payment and you will have the confirmation. !! You already have travel insurance !!!

Has it been useful to you? You already know that any suggestion or problem can contact us in the usual channels.

Paula and Isaac