What to visit in Sydney


It's been a long time since a city did not love us so much. Lovers of nature, of the authentic, we usually think of cities because of their historical wealth, their old helmets, their cosmopolitan character or their beautiful night views. Sydney drinks all that and much more. The photos only give an image of the beauty of this city, but the halo of happiness, tranquility and beauty is hardly transmissible, as well as its ambience ...

We do not miss the minimum occasion to Start the day at the beautiful Sydney Bay. That where the ferries have already started their usual come and go, the Opera shows with its architecture the welcome to the city and the bridge we climbed yesterday still rising majestically leaving the best views

The completely clear sky returns to accompany us. If the temperature is similar to that of A Coruña in winter, the weather has nothing to do with that rainy season. At this time of a Sunday as today allows dozens of people to run through its streets, sss gardens or roads. We while enjoying this walk around the dock


If yesterday we did our particular "sport" session, today we are going to hit another good kick. Our route It will take us through the Opera, the botanical gardens, the Hyde Park, Chinatown and Darling Harbor, also knowing many other places and places in our walk.

The Sydney Opera House It is the modern icon in which we all think when they talk to us about Sydney. Because of its architecture and beauty, we can think that it is even "younger" than it really is, but it dates from 1973


We still have some pain of not being able to attend a good function and although there are guided tours to see it inside, it will never be the same. Who knows, maybe another time. Since 2007 this building is a World Heritage Site.

Those who are precious at this time are the Royal Botanic Gardens that occupy a large area of ​​the metropolis of the city, and where we enter after bordering the perimeter of the Opera.

Entering here is free and remains open every day except certain specific areas (such as the Tropical Center), and of course, they have all kinds of perfectly maintained flora and plants, although this is really general throughout the city. We haven't seen a dirty or neglected street yet! The walk is the sea of ​​pleasant ...

As it happened in other cities like some Japanese, in addition to finding curious sculptures, we are surprised to see that particular contrast between the great skyscrapers of the Financial District and the true lung of the city, the Royal Botanic Garden


Within these gardens there is also the governor's house, an English-style house that lives with more than 1 million species! Another curious building is a pyramid that serves as a protection for the Tropical Plants Center

Decidedly, we are in one of the most beautiful gardens we have seen, which at this time of the morning has in some of its flowers an intense beautiful color, which even takes advantage of the "strange bird" that we saw yesterday in the area of ​​The Rocks and that puts "some respect" with that long beak that seems to use to eat in the seed of the flower itself


We leave the parks on the South side, and we find a row of buildings of great importance, placed together in a military manner and without interference. The first one is the State Library, an old style building that announces an upcoming exhibition. Next we see the Parliament House. of a more colonial British style


He Sydney hospital, another old building that follows next, has on its exterior a particular figure of a bronze boar, that of Porcellino (as in Florence), which everyone touches the nose thus maintaining the tradition of the Italian city to get fortune or return to the city.


The arcades of one of the facades that separate the hospital from the next building, open the way to an inner courtyard where an impromptu cafeteria he gives us a relaxed breakfast of the most complete (36 AUD)

The mint, a kind of museum, is the next one along the way, which aims to make known the "truth" of the State of New South Wales where we are, while the Barracks Museum It is the last of this varied list


The cultural walk leads to a park that is more than known to all of us, especially from london, he Hyde park. Sydney is not too big in its most famous areas, and the rides that a priori seem longer just take too long. We are parallel to the George Street of the Financial District that we will travel the day of our arrival.

On one of the sides of Hyde Park is Saint Mary of the Cross Cathedral, a beautiful cathedral of Gothic-remacemtosta style dated from 1868 that imitates the great European medieval cathedrals.


Its main facade directly overlooks the park's fountain and all this in turn is aligned to a modern building that seems to be watching us under its gaze throughout our journey from afar, the Sky Tower, which we will try to climb at night


Yesterday We did a Skype conference with the family, and they asked us if we weren't tired. The truth is that on other trips exhaustion comes earlier. Perhaps the first part of the most followed flights was the toughest, but once the first third of the trip was over we have been motivating ourselves more and enjoying ourselves as dwarves and now we would continue another month. But the good is running out and, we will not deny it, we are two family people, and the home throws us away too much ... but, Why don't we see anything wrong? hehehe


Hyde Park is the park, as such, the largest in the city and the closest to many Australians on a Sunday like today, where to go to play sports or take advantage of their free time.

The Australian is certainly somewhat contradictory in some aspects. On the one hand they do not want to have anything to do with the Americans and the British, taking pride in themselves, but on the other hand the main names of their streets and parks are taken from their cities.


!! We can't take it anymore! these strange birds again. We asked a nice Australian for them. It turns out that called… !! IBIS !! and they are nothing well received by the citizens of Sydney since lately they rob children in schools, rummage through the trash and there have even been cases of attacks. They are ugly of noses!

At the end of Hyde Park we arrive at another monument, almost touching Liverpool Street, and once past dozens of ancient trees, native plants, the figure of Captain Cook (so famous on this trip) and the occasional pond. Its about Anzac Memorial War that reminds the victims of war from a very particular way


A Sunday in Sydney goes a long way, but what we no longer expected is to see how people dedicate their love samples "literally writing to their email protected "in the sky flying over the skyscrapers of the city. Really original and romantic.

At this point we connect with an area that we know well because we were already on the first day (without a camera) to get a suitcase and some gifts, to send the "potricoles" of Paula to Spain. It is about the Chinatown area and the Paddys Market.

He Chinatown The truth is that it doesn't surprise us at all. Having seen some as impressive as those of London, Yokohama or Kobe, just a main street and many businesses around, leave us a bitter taste.


He Paddys Marketwhere we stocked that first day, if that tells us something else. It is an entire institution in Sydney and has more than 250 markets of the oldest in the city

In a city where we haven't seen too much chinese business where every business wears an "Australian Owned" with pride, and where most Asians are Japanese, we are surprised to see that most of their shopkeepers are Chinese, turning one of the main tourist spots into a true Chinese trail. Still we see !! ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING !! What if Paulita? Hahaha


Another thing we talked about yesterday and we find it especially "bleeding" is How expensive everything is here. Public services, lease ferries, trains, buses or trams have absolutely crazy prices in any of its moladities. Today we have also discovered that there is a monorail, whose operation seen its circular line, seems more tourist oriented than citizens themselves. We will not miss the opportunity to rise through its streets, especially when one of the stops is exactly the next point on our route.


And that is none other than Darling harbor, where we had dinner yesterday watching the fireworks. Today is a lively entertainment and entertainment area with a great atmosphere !! FABULOUS !!


The Harborside is a huge shopping center on the opposite side of what we saw yesterday with entertainment and places to eat, which on the outside is surrounded by restaurants with terraces to which more appetizing and some ice cream (13 AUD). A lot of little trains circulate along the huge walks that separate it from the dock, taking people from one place to another for 'somewhat past' prices. In the central part of the 'U' that forms this small marina, in addition to fingers for boats, there are large cinemas, the famous 'Chinese gardens' and the residential area.


Walking to the other side we are in Cockle Bay Wharf, another small shopping center with the name of the bay, consequence of the transformation of the 80's shipyard in this modern and attractive setting to spend the day.


But Darling Harbor would not be one of the best leisure centers in the world if it weren't for its excellent attractions. A zoo, a Madame Tussauds and an aquariumThey perfectly complement the leisure, food and shopping centers. And we will go hungry watching one of the most impressive wax museums, Madame Tussauds (Combo with the museum, aquarium and Sky Tower for 65 AUD each, separately 35 AUD each).

Paula> !! Girls! Let's see if we learn for future 'goodbyes'. That I liked Olivia Newton Johm as a 'breaker', and not the 'Modesita'. If that…


Important Australian people, Michael Jackson, Einstein, Obama, Opra ...

Breakfast with diamonds, Marylin Monroe, Mel Gibson, Leonardo Di Caprio, Johny Deep,…

But above all, what a realism! There was a moment when there was a person taking a still photo, and when we looked for them we could not tell who the wax doll was and who the real one was until he moved. Hallucinatory. Mr. Bruce, until next day ...

To eat today we have chosen one Toros Bar, more for the longing for our food than for anything else, since although it resembles the Spanish style and tapas, it is run by an Australian and nothing to do, but hey ... he ate well (70 AUD)

In it we have known that the waitress is a girl from Almeria He has come to finish his last three ADE exchange courses in Sydney, since last year he was in Scotland and wanted to take the furthest opportunity. He has told us very interesting things, such as that he is not able to live and leave if he is not working, that he took a resume and had 6 job offers in less than 1 week, that wages are weekly as well, that 85% of his Classes are South Asian (and possibly most Japanese) ... and that in December it is possible to return if you pass the subjects because you cannot maintain this standard of living. That you do well companion!


Another of the curiosities is that here the rents ARE ALSO PROHIBITIVE and that even the Australian couples themselves, charging two salaries, sometimes have to re-rent some part of the house or some room to be able to make ends meet. !!Curious!! Of course, they are not deprived of anything on weekends ... and we tapas, haha.

Our next stop is the Sydney Aquarium, that next to that of Dubai and Singapore, He is considered one of the best in the world as for variety of species ... that we begin to see as soon as we arrive. Giant neck turtles? Blankets to cover the room?


Dozens of rooms let us see from jellyfish that light up in the dark, tropical fish of all kinds, shark habitats, strange prawns, GIANT JAPANESE CRABS! and even a !! PEZ SIERRA !!


One of the rooms also has penguins like the ones we saw in Peru 3 years ago in Ballesta Islandss, accustomed to these climates thanks to cold water currents, and another resembles an immense coral reef, imitating the great barrier of Australian coral that is further north

More seahorses, some Nemo, platypuses and strange snakes fire us to the next stop of the day, after buying a water (2 AUD in a kiosk, but they asked us 3.80 AUD in all places, ufs)…

… we talk about the SKY TOWER, that immense tower that has guarded us throughout the day and that we have been unconsciously surrounding, that possibly picks up one of the best views of the city.


Walking between the streets we find the great shopping center of Zara where we bought our warm clothes the other day (money for Spanish companies). Here, on the fourth floor, is the access to this unique tower. The tour begins with a 4D (3D + effects of wind, water, etc ...) that runs through the main places of Sydney, and although short, it is a real joy. It is the second one so beautiful that we see behind the one we saw in the Hong Kong Disneyland last year.

Of the views, what to say?


The Sydney Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the city and the second tallest in Austrlia with 305 meters, composed of three sections of restaurants, offices and shops. Up is accessed through three high-speed elevators that have the same effect as the plane taking off within 40 seconds of the climb.

In these moments you can see a spectacular sunset, Like that let's see yesterday from the Sydney Bay Bridge. What luck we are having!


The viewpoint offers 360 ° views and from it you can reach any point of the city. Here we also learn that Sydney is twinned with a city that we toured in the trip to Guangzhou and Hong Kong 2011, the megalopolis of Guangzhou


The super platform we are in was inaugurated in 1981 and is, without a doubt, one of the "must see" of the city. It is built hurricane and earthquake proof, and is considered one of the safest structures in the world.

Almost without realizing it, the night has fallen again in the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Sydney and everything returns to light. !!We love!! After having spent a month in a place in the world where having light in the room was a luxury, this is a real privilege for us


Although all the views are beautiful, we certainly stay with the one that gives the Darling Harbor from which we have just arrived, since the great skyscrapers in the Port Jackson area do not allow the Opera and the Bridge to be fully appreciated. !!Beautiful!!!

A new day falls on our trip. We sit and see the highest part of the Bridge where we saw yesterday evening and the 'lighting' of the scenery, and although yesterday we were able to go to dinner yet, today we will fall directly at the Sydney Harbor YHA where we stayed one night tomorrow, after taking the last memory (25 AUD)

Tomorrow we will definitely go to a different place, so many times studied as a child ...

And is that Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, the oldest and most populous state in Australia, but contrary to what many people may believe, IT IS NOT THE CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA.


On the 22nd we will definitely fly to Brisbane and tomorrow we will visit Canberra. After assessing all the options (going by train, buses ...) we have decided to go with a small group of people for two reasons: the first is time, since it takes about 3 hours to go (and others to return), and the Second, the economic one. It is unfeasible to catch a train in this country!

The 'kicking' of today has been great, and then they feel that little tingling need of rest. It is time to make those zetas that the body asks of us. See you tomorrow Sydney!

Isaac and Paula, from Sydney (Australia)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 276 AUD (approx 240 EUR)