Eating in Budapest: restaurants and typical dishes


Budapest, called by many as the city of spas, is a city rich in culture, art and customs. However, sometimes we leave aside an attraction in itself as is its delicious cuisine, unique in flavors and recipes. We take you to meetwhere to eat in Budapest as well as the essential typical dishes that you should try from Hungarian cuisine, many of them very cheap.

We are in a city where history plays a fundamental role in its cuisine, and it has influences from multiple cultures, from Austrian to French, through other closer ones such as Italian.

Eating in Budapest: 12 essential typical dishes

To all the above we must add a fundamental ingredient, paprika, which provides spicy flavors and aromas of all kinds. So, some suggestions of dishes you should eat in Budapest they are soups, stews and meats of all kinds although, without a doubt, the star recipe is goulash.


A thick meat soup flavored with paprika. The soup owes its thickness and texture because the collagen in the cuts used (shoulder, pimple or cane) turns into jelly during the cooking process, it also contains chopped onion, or it can include potatoes and tomatoes.

Pörkölt (Hungarian style meat stew)

It is very related to goulash and is usually made from beef or pork (it can also be made with other types of meat) and different vegetables such as paprika. It is served hot and usually accompanied by Tarhonya.

Halászlé (fish soup)

If you are a fish lover you also have a dish that you can eat in Budapest to meet your needs. It is a delicious fish soup called halászlé that contains freshwater fish, onion, paprika, tomato and white wine.


A sausage that includes black pudding and varieties of liver rice. Salt, peppers, spices and marjoram are added for flavor.

Libamáj (Goose Liver)

There are a variety of dishes with goose liver such as: goose liver with mushrooms, pickled goose breast, ... It is also a Bulgarian specialty but it is well worth trying.


It is made mainly of peppers, tomatoes and onions, and is usually served with some sausage strips or fried sausage. Eye, it is a slightly spicy dish due to the addition of spicy paprika.

Túrós Csusza

Pasta sheets accompanied with Hungarian cottage cheese (Túró) and with pieces of bacon (szalonna). It is very simple but one of our favorite dishes to eat in Budapest.

Paprika chicken

This is one of the best dishes to eat in Budapest according to travelers. Take lard, chicken, onion, red and green pepper, zucchini, tomato and salt. It is usually accompanied with pasta or rice.


It is a rolled cake composed of some thin layers of cake between which a filling (usually of fruits, white cheese or cottage cheese, poppy seeds or nuts) and all rolled to form a typical gypsy arm is placed.


They are a crepe of overlapping pancake tower. Between each layer they are filled with jam and crushed nuts.

Dobos Cake

A curious dessert consisting of five overlapping biscuits. It was invented by the famous Hungarian pastry chef Jozsef C. Dobos and hence the name


There is a lot of variety of pancakes in Budapest, the Császármorzsa called “the crumbs of the emperors” is made with a kitchen pancake paste and mixed until it breaks into small pieces or crumbs. There is also another pancake like the palacsinta.

Restaurants in Budapest where you can taste typical Hungarian food

Spoon Café & Lounge Restaurant

It is a restaurant located in a ship anchored on the banks of the Danube. In addition to typical Hungarian foods, there are many options of white and red wines of the country.

The Food is spectacular, with the price perhaps somewhat high for the average of the city but the fact of having dinner on the Danube makes it worthwhile as a romantic evening option


Direction: Vigado Ter, Pier 3, Budapest 1051 see on map Phone: +364110933
Average price: 7 - 60 euros
Office hours: 12:00 - 0:00 hours. It also has a website in

21 Restaurant

They offer traditional Hungarian cuisine. His slogan prays“Hungarian cuisine as it was in its good times, but updated for the 21st century”.

In the light of this slogan all the ingredients maintain an essence of the classic Hungarian cuisine, but without feeling too overwhelmed and heavy, so these dishes are not so "fatty" and are much lighter than Hungarian food is usually , which makes it suitable for all audiences.


Direction: Fortuna utca 21, Budapest 1014 see on map Phone: +3612022113
Office Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00 - 24:00 hours. It has web in

Nancsi Neni

It's like a old decorated country house with wooden panels and paintings in a suburb between the hills of Buda.

It represents traditional Hungarian cuisine, unlike the previous one, including the heaviest traditional dishes although it also has international recipes. The restaurant pays special attention to families with babies, guests with pets and even those who come by bicycle.


Direction: Ordogarok ut 80, Budapest 1028 see on map Phone: 3987127
Average price: 25 - 40 euros
Office hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00 - 23:00 hours. It has web in

Kor coffee

One of the most popular restaurants to eat in Budapest. It's found in the heart of the busy Fifth District, near the Basilica of St. Stephen. It really is a cafeteria but visitors to this restaurant are regulars and could say the memory letter.


Direction: Sas utca 17, St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest 1051 see on map Phone: 13110053
Office hours: 10: 00-22: 00 hours. It has web in

Gundel Restaurant

In the Heroes' Square, next to the Szechenyi spa, is the most famous restaurant in Budapest, but also the most expensive. It has excellent food and service and there is both international and Hungarian food.


Direction: Gundel Karoly Ut 4, Budapest, Hungary see on map Phone: +36 889 8111. 
Office hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. It has web

Appetizing? Are you missing somewhere to eat in Budapest? Tell us and we will add it! We hope you liked this review of typical dishes and the best restaurants to taste

Isaac, from Budapest (Hungary)