Maji Moto Camp in Loita Hill


The journey of Africa This 2011 took us through Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and R.D. Congo in August 2011. In it we stopped in the hills of Loita Hills, one of the discoveries of the trip.

On this occasion we made the complete article after the trip, so we went directly to our usual “GUIDED VISIT” of the accommodation With all the details and impressions.

On our route from Samburu - Nakuru - Masai Mara we look for Loita Hills as a technical stop along the way, with the aim of finding a point of "kit-kat" and making the trip more comfortable. The subsequent opinions are diverse, but both Paula and Isaac seemed to us a place with a special charm, starting with their privileged Location at the gates of Masailand as well as by the magic that gave off a fire in the light of the stars in that completely clear sky that welcomed us

The Maji Moto Cultural Camp is the dream and struggle of two Masai people, Hellen Nkuraiya and Chief Salaton Ole Ntutu to build a future and give an education to the new Masai generations, as well as a shelter for widows and rescued girls from early marriages and genital mutilation and whose life is subject to the domination of man within a strongly patriarchal hierarchy. “Don't change girls for cows, give them an education” is the motto of Maji Moto being the name of the school “Enkiteng Lepa "Which means" our cow "in Maa, the Masai language.

The reservation, like the rest of those made in the part of Kenya, we made with Safi Safaris that gets better local prices than those offered on the internet, although they can be made directly from your own website for about between € 20-45 / person and night

The camp is simple, with very basic but practical facilities (kitchen in a small cabin, tents protected from the wind, bathrooms with a "hole" to the septic tank directly ...). There will be between 8-12 stores to stay.

The cleanliness is absolute

It is possible that the best of the experience is its dining area, for the tranquility that is breathed. There, in addition to eating (yes, quite badly), you have a magnificent view from the top of the hill of all Masailand. A little nap can also be a great idea.

But what to do in such an isolated place? The options are varied ...

Walking with Masai guides on foot
Get to know your town, visit your local schools, see your people, learn their culture
Climb to the top of Loita Hills to see Masai Mara.
Bike trips to surrounding areas including Masai Mara bike safari
Night Gamedrive where to see rare species of animals
Hot spring bath under the stars in a natural spring

What no one should miss, no doubt, is the silence of the night only broken by the clicks of the newly lit fire of the Masai to warm up. A moment of those unique.

The we would recommendyes Yes, because it is something different from what we usually find in the world. This is a much more personal opinion than ever since, for example, our fellow travelers liked it less. It is all a matter of what is sought. It is recommended by CHAVETAS.ES from here.

Isaac and Paula, from Loita Hills (Kenya)