30 years ... without looking back


Today i meet 30 years!! Yes, that moment when people want to take off 15 years and relive adolescence. The fact is that I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK, although I love to remember my past.

Today, July 22, 2008, after 30 years since I was born that Saturday afternoon, very close to the Playa de la Concha de Donosti, I dare to say without fear of being wrong ... !! The happiest person of this immense world !!!

I have laughed, I have cried, I have jumped, I have danced, I have been wrong, I have been right, I have vindicated myself, I have sent everything to hell and I have returned to resume, I have tried all the beers, all the soups, I have forgotten, forgiven and I apologize, I have let go (sometimes you have to do it ...), I have learned (and every time I know less about life), I have fulfilled all the illusions that I have wanted (I am very capricious, you know it? and I always get what I want) and I have armed a rubik, they have broken my heart and I have broken them (always without wanting to hurt), I have traveled (and will continue doing it until my last drop of breath)… I HAVE LIVED!!

But that is not what makes me happier. What makes me happier is to feel, 30 years later, so clothed, so dear and so lucky. Lucky to have an incredible family, some nearby grandmothers (a newly operated who already sees me again, hehe) and some friends with whom I can go out, talk or travel (that trip to Cuba !!!). Even when they are far away they are there (right Sergio?)… (NEEDS HOURS TO PUT ALL PICTURES !!)

There is a test that I have always read and I have never dared to do. Maybe because of laziness or maybe because of fear of reading my answers. At 30, it doesn't matter, right? hehehe. There is going to be a little self-centered article, but well, after all it is a blog, to talk about what each one wants. There I go…

01. What time is it ?: It's 0:01
02. Name: Isaac
03. Your birthday: Obviously today, that's what this article is about
04. Zodiac Sign: Cancer
05. Age: 30, see answer 3
06. Have you been to another continent ?: Yes, in Asia, North America, Central America and Africa
07. Favorite station: Summer, without a doubt, although those who know me know that I love Christmas (although it is not a season proper)
08. A movie: Blade Runner
09. How would you define yourself: Optimistic, capricious and passionate
10. Beach or Mountain: Beach
11. Preferred city: Donosti, San Francisco, Venice and Bruges (the 4 that I have always liked the most)
12. Beer or wine: According to the moment. I love having a clear on a terrace or a good wine in a good meal.
13. The glass half full or half empty: Always half full.
14. Favorite underwear color: Pistachio color (eh Pure?)
15. Did you love or love something enough to cry ?: No doubt yes
16. Favorite number: 7
17. Type of music: Pop, Rock, Punk, a good Blues and Celtic
18. A song: April 20, Short Celts
19. Flower: MMM…
20. Topic conversation topic: Travel
21. email protected specials: Without giving names, they know it, I think I have 3 very good friends and 3 very good friends, who would always be there.
22. Favorite food: Soup and Meatballs
23. Favorite color: Green
24. How do you look in the future? : Hopefully great, like my past. I touch wood.
25. What would you do if you hit the lottery ?: Travel, travel and travel (and give my sister some dogs)
26. When you go out, what do you drink ?: Ron, always rum
27. Dress style: Cowboy and modern shirt (whenever I can) or pirates and t-shirt
28. What would you change about your life ?: Absolutely nothing
29. Do you have a computer ?: Yes, sometimes too much
30. Preferred CD: Lenny Kravitz Circus
31. The first thing you think when you wake up: Is it Saturday? Message?
32. Storms, do you like or scare you ?: It depends on the place, but some have scared me a lot (in a small campsite)
33. If you could be someone else, who would you be ?: Well, I think I wouldn't want to be someone else, in any case, my grandmother Maria. !! How big !!!
34. Something you always wear and you don't take it off: The bracelets I wear, which mean a lot to me.
35. What is in the walls of your room ?: Here in Pontevedra, nothing at all.
36. Favorite sport: To practice Cycling, Swimming, Paddle and Judo; Seeing Soccer, Tennis and Cycling
37. Shy or outgoing: I think every day more outgoing.
38. A word that you love to say: Good Morning
39. Some special farewell: I will not tell you.
40. Favorite book: Unfortunately I am not a great reader. I liked "The Bermuda Triangle"
41. Would you like to be given a bouquet of flowers for your birthday ?: They have done it on another occasion and I liked it. It depends on who comes.
42. Preferred place: The bay of San Sebastián
43. Hipster or hipster: Nonconformist
44. Sweet or savory: Salty
45. Do you like driving ?: I love
46. ​​Hobby: Travel, our blog, go out with friends
47. Say 3 things you hate: Hypocrisy, the climbs that take advantage of your work and discuss for no reason.
48. Favorite historical event: Although it was very tragic, I love everything related to World War 2
49. Have you ever pissed in the shower / pool?: I guess once
50. Tell a joke: I'm pretty bad, although I try to improve. We leave it for 40, okay?
51. What was your favorite toy ?: The tempt
52. Favorite position for sex ?: I will tell you. Who knows me knows.
53. Do you think love can last forever ?: I think there are many stages in love
54. Blonde or brunette?: The important thing is inside, not outside.
55. Do you believe in God ?: I consider myself an agnostic.
56. At what age do you think you will die? I would like to reach 70 or 80.
57. Have you ever been to a seer? No, I leave that to pirate sisters.
58. Something you would do if you knew that nobody is going to find out: Hide the Brussels sprouts not to eat them, puagg !!!
59. Add a sentence to remember: Rectifying is wise, but it is more important to know how to forgive people who love you.
60. End time: 0:29

Have I done it very badly? I add one ... What will I do my next 30 years? I do not know, travel a lot, that's what this blog is about and not about our personal lives. What I have clear is that I do not think there is anyone in this world who can look back and say ... THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE GIVEN ME THESE 30 HAPPY YEARS OF MY LIFE. You will always have me there. I LOVE YOU!!!

UPDATED: Thank you all for the congratulations!! In order of arrival, hehe ... Bego, Tilo, Manu, Silvia, Mauxi, Sonia (de Cancarix), Fati, Puro, my mother, Gustavo, the first Vero, Juve, Marta, David, my grandmother Vale, my grandmother Maria, my father, my uncles Jose and Ketty, my friend Fatima, my aunt Loli, my sister Miriam, Jorge, Belen (my ex-neighbor), Nuri, Amparo, Helena, Elias, Rebeca, Ruth and Borja. Thank you very much!! For real!!

Are you coming to Japan with us? !!10 days left!!