Badia Cham Hotel in Deir Ezzor


The most "lost" that we will find on our trip to Syria - Lebanon - Jordan It will be in the Euphrates Valley area.

Deir Ezzor It is one of the most important cities in eastern Syria. It doesn't really have a tourist claim beyond its beautiful suspension bridge over the Euphrates River, but it will serve as a dormitory base for visits to the Babylonian area of ​​Syria.

To consider the lodging here has not been easy, since the alternatives shone by their absence. It is a city quite unknown among travelers and information does not flow too much. After much meditation, we will finally stay at the Badia Cham Hotel 4 stars, which was built in 1996 and has 80 rooms distributed over 3 floors. It is a modern building with marble rooms with a beautiful garden around.

The Syrian agency again Silkroad International It has helped us to make the reservation. Still, the the website The hotel, in the "RESERVATION" section as in Palmyra, has a very intuitive "booking" booking.

The price per day and for 2 people in a room with double bed or two beds is around 80 euros in return, something expensive but there were not too many alternatives. Location It really doesn't matter much, because Deir Ezzor is not a place to go out at night, so we will arrive for dinner, take a bath if we feel like it, use the internet and little else. Even so it is well located in this city approximately 1 km from the center.

The room We have chosen is normal western type. It is equipped with bathroom, air conditioning, heating, direct dial telephone and terrace. They are medium in size and decorated with all kinds of comfort for the traveler.


Refering to cleaning, in such a modern hotel, it should be insured. In addition the hotel has the restaurant "La Terrase" (where we have dinner and breakfast included), the Coffe-Shop "La Tente", a beautiful pub / bar where you can enjoy a drink while watching a sunset or the peace of the night and a snack bar.

Additionally, the hotel has a swimming pool, banquet room, internet access, sauna and massages.

After the presentation, we tell you our experiences already back in a "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel with us.

The Badia Cham Palace Hotel is a "dead" hotel, in the sense that it is located in the "Forgotten Corner" of Syria for tourism. Only some travelers and occasionally an organized group arrives in this conservative area of ​​Syria. Although this is no excuse for a hotel in the Cham chain

The options in Deir Ezzor are rather scarce. Without going to expensive 5 *, we were afraid to get into something below Badia Cham and time proved us right. On the cable-stayed suspension bridge we met a couple of Germans (he worked in Aleppo) who had come to spend a few days in this area. They were horrified! with the 3 * hotel that they had taken in the city center. Bed bugs, noise, dirty, ... You can't generalize, but it could have been a bad night.

The Location The hotel is not bad but it is not the most central. If the idea is to walk at night in Deir Ezzor, it is not the best option. It is true, that walking at night in Deir Ezzor is not that it is the best option (not because of its dangers - which does not have them with the precautions that anyone would have - but because it has nothing).

The rooms They are pretty good. As in other places, it is difficult to get 2 double beds. However, it has all kinds of facilities such as telephone, minibar, television, multitude of plugs (without the need for an adapter), etc ... They are also quite clean.

He bathroomIt is also clean. It has a large shower, toilet, all kinds of towels, shampoos and soaps. There is no complaint.

However, despite everything, the Hotel service and attention is disastrous. The hotel is neglected and the service is bad and inattentive with customers and it seems that they do not care too much. Of all the things that it promises there is nothing: the pool is uncleaned, without water and set aside at the back of the hotel, they tell us that the internet does not work and will not work (and yet they have a computer with some of hotel using it), they have the hotel almost without people and there is no way to get 2 rooms with 2 double beds, says they have massages and then there is no such service, they drop the numbers at the doors, the controls of the TVs are glued with duct tape, etc ... It is also possible that we might not look for all these comforts and any hotel-bedroom would have arrived, but at the moment you pay for something then ... And the image with all these details is very bad.

Service Dinner and breakfast It's not bad, with a little of everything, as always very spicy. Dinner is served at the table (we had it included except drinks) while breakfast (also included) is buffet style with all kinds of products (juice, eggs, tortilla, buns, toasts, Syrian products, ...).

And although the hotel has almost nothing as promised, when leaving the restaurant turning to the right there is a kind of Bedouin room where we set up our own party ...

... we even managed to convince the chef (Maget) when he passes by to invite us to tea while we smoke from the seesha (usual in our Syrian night) to go on getting sleepy.

The we would recommend? Well, the truth is that where it is and what it provides is Expensive, but we don't find a better option either. At a lower level we find the experience of the Germans and their "bedbugs". The approach on the other hand was simply a dormitory hotel on the route and in that sense we left the budget. We leave it to the taste of the consumer ...

Isaac, from Deir Ezzor (Syria)