Pyramids of Teotihuacan on Tour


They say that Pyramids of Teotihuacan they are the most visited archeological zone in Mexico, just 50 km northeast of the capital. Technically we should not talk about pyramids, but that we will leave for another article, but what nobody doubts is that "the City of the Gods" has that halo of mystery that surrounds certain places on the planet.

Day 17, more than two weeks of route! Anyone would say it. There have been hard days, and others more bearable. After all, this is still a blogtrip, a very different format from the trips that Paula and Isaac normally do, but from which much practical information can be extracted for future travelers and that we will tell you. Today, however, we say goodbye to Colonial Mexico and Mexico City. This afternoon we will head home, the one that always keeps the beginning of new adventures.

How to visit the Pyramids of Teotihuacan?

From Mexico City there are about 50 km from the exit to Pachucha on Avenida de los Insurgentes Norte, so in any case, the options will pass by land

The option of public transport, also the most economical, passes by approaching the Central Camionera del Norte of Mexico City, and take a bus with a direct line to the Teotihuacan pyramids

Obviously, if you haveown car and of flexibility, to know that in the previous indications it will be necessary to leave at Kilometer 46 (Archaeological Zone of Teotihuacan) in San Juan Teotihuacan

He cab It is also an option for 2 to 10 people, and the price can be agreed in advance, as well as the schedules.

Finally, an option for those who prefer to have everything closed, involves hiring one of the numerous organized tours of tourist vans and even buses that make the most acclaimed excursion in the country every day.


Public transport option:Taxi to the Central Truck 180/2 = 90 Pesos x 2 journeys + Public bus 35 Pesos x 2 journeys + Entrance 59 Pesos-> Approx 300-320 Pesos per person
Car rental option: Is very variable Depending on the rate we have, gasoline. To consider 45 Parking weights and 59 Entry weights per person
Concerted taxi option: Round 500 pesos per person, including round trip, + 59 entry weights -> 560-570 Pesos per person
Organized tour option: They include entrance and, generally, food. They are around 450-500 pesos per person

In either case, and regardless of the option chosen, Do not forget the hat, water and sun cream!

Pyramids of Teotihuacan on Tour

And how were we? Having to be at the International Airport around 15'00 did not leave much room for any unforeseen, so our option today was to visit the Pyramids of Teotihuacan on Tour, and after an important early morning was already the group with the backpacks ready to no longer return.

SCHEDULES:From Tuesday to Sunday (Monday closed) from 8'00 to 17'00

Although it is only 50 km, the extension of Mexico City surprises. Crowds of low houses are located in the last hole of the mountain, leaving a truly amazing place as we move about 1 hour on the way. There, a parking lot and a well-prepared enclosure awaits us, and a first impression… !! we are in a really great complex !!

Not long ago we wrote an article in which we dreamed of that most enigmatic aztec route I would go through this complex. This does not mean that Teotihuacan are vestiges of that great civilization, since we are in an archaeological complex that represents one of the great mysteries of the world and whose origin is determined as "unknown" beyond 500 BC, although it was the Aztecs who they will find centuries later and will give it known splendor.

Walking through this huge archeological area takes us to the Quetzalcoatl Citadel and Temple, where the guide gives us an extensive explanation before leaving us free time to explore everything, which allows us to see the feathered feathered snakes attributed to Tláloc, rainy days, of beautiful beauty


Although it might surprise, but we have seen it before with the Mayan Civilization in venues such as Coba, Chichen Itzaor Ek Balam, the urban development of the Teotihuanacos is characterized by the study of geometry and astronomy in a meticulous way, leaving a Citadel of symmetrical designs, stairways and the famous 13 platforms

Although it may seem initially that you have too many visits, the great extent makes the effect once inside you a great freedom. So we move on Roadway of the Dead, associated to the precincts of the priests, rooms and residential constructions, but leaving the majestic Pyramid of the Moon on its horizon, 4 km from the Citadel


Truly, and as a lover of this type of archaeological complexes, what has fascinated me most is undoubtedly the Pyramid of the Sun. It is possible that we all get used to this type of structures so much to see them, and we may think that it is no longer surprising us, but believe me, once you are at their feet you realize the greatness they represent .

This pyramid (or structure for the purists) is oriented to the west and is the second largest in the country with a height of 64 meters and 5 stepped bodies. A curiosity? Studies have shown that it is built on a ... cave!


I have not started to count them, I have had enough to "suffer them" but it seems that there are about 243 stairs and as you ascend through them you have the best views of the precincts that the priests used before their rituals.


Perhaps it is only at the top when we can get an idea of ​​the perfect synchrony with the axis where the sun sets every afternoon, and that they say that loads of energy to everyone who rises there. I don't know what part he will really have but of course it is to sit and watch and relax for a long time.

We are all? It seems that the whole group has managed to climb. And Mauxi? Mauxi has been lost again ... and is that if there is a curiosity to find she will be the first to find her.


It is estimated that the ancient city of Teotihuacan had an area of ​​approximately 20 km2 with thousands of residential areas and a population of 120,000 inhabitants! and we are talking about a few centuries ago.

Thus we return to the Causeway of the Dead to end our tour in the Pyramid of the Moon, located at its north end and which has 4 stepped bodies and about 111 steps, with a plant approximately 45 meters long.

It is said that in this area a statue called Goddess of Agriculture was found, belonging to the early Toltec era, and that gives even more halo of mystery to the entire route, which we have finished in about 2 hours.

To older, the enclosure keeps theQuetzapapálotl Palace next to the Moon Square, he Temple of the Feathered Snails (one of the oldest buildings in the city), thePalace of the Jaguars and Varios museums of great value, although we have put an end here to an intense #AllMexicoTrip and we take advantage of the sunrise (we have been lucky and it has not hit us hard) to take the last photos, those typical that we all like to have on a bedside table home.



When you take an organized tour you also know the "side effects" to which you are exposed. Thus, a half-day excursion is completed with a visit without any interest and totally tourist of a place where they work the sugar cane or the different woods…

... and which we took the opportunity to try "some last samples" of the delicious local liquors, as well as our last tequilas, right girls?


Aeromexico brings us back home

After rejecting the offer to eat in a "typical tourist buffet" we have put heading to the airport. It has been 17 very intense days of emotions, memories and moments that will already be stored in this little newspaper.

I have not had as much talk about my classmates as on other occasions, but for that there is always a day back home and many hours of flight, although this time we will not fly in First Class as in the excellent flight with Aeromexico from Madrid one way, nor will we use the VIP rooms that theAeromexico Club Premiere provided. We have returned to reality, and that is in the "flat town" class.

We are waiting 11 hours ahead, and then the most difficult part of every trip, the farewell, but that is already part of a last chapter that is always nice to tell, the return home. Do we sleep for a while?

And you, Don't you want to know one of the most special archaeological complexes in Mexico? Here the Pyramids of Teotihuacan await you.

Isaac (and all #AllMexicoTrip), already flying back to Spain