Escaping from Port Vila to Brisbane


Rains !! It rains to seas !! The Futamaru Lodge where we went to bed last night has lost all its charm. We can't continue in Vanuatu anymore. For Port Vila, Tanna or Mele Waterfalls, time respected us but the forecasts for the next few days are bleak

Backpack costs, improvised small breakfast (2,400 VUV) and Port Vila-Honiara ticket in hand, we abandoned the friendliness of the resort staff and quickly approached the airport so as not to allow for advances in our flight, which seem usual in these islands (although more delays). Billing is fast in the small and rustic international terminal of Bauerfield Airport. We also take the opportunity to buy some postcards (1,330 VUV) and redeem the last VUV that we have left.

Then the WORST NEWS ... "Ladies and gentlemen, the flight from Nadi to Honiara will continue to the capital of Solomon Islands without landing in Port Vila due to bad weather. The flight is canceled. Stop by the counters for more information"

!! NOOOO !! NOOOO! Can not be. We had already read and were notified by Floren or George of flights in this part of the planet but ... we have to get out of here anyway! But there are only 2 or 3 flights a day and The next one to Nadi is not until Saturday and Honiara in 1 week. What can we do?

Without losing your cool, we are considering options. There are not only 3 flights a day, but tomorrow there is not and this afternoon to Nadi it is possible that it does not land either because it is the same plane. Also returning to Nadi would not allow us to go to Solomon until within 3 days either. Are we planning to go to Polynesia?

We look back at him Rustic and damaged output panel on one of the airport walls. Sydney at 16'15. This is a 3 ½ hour flight and it could be a good solution to get out of here. Why not? !! But today is a holiday !! Can we buy the flight? We quickly went down to the offices of Air Vanuatu in Port Vila by taxi (1000 VUV). Keep pouring. !! They are open until 11 !! OK

After a short wait, we are served by a woman in her 40s, with curly hair and glasses, not too many words. "Two flights to Sydney for today, please. Could you see us if there is any option to get to Honiara from Sydney as well?"The girl types in her computer and looks again. It seems she has found something. There is a Sydney - Brisbane for today and a Brisbane - Honiara for tomorrow first thing arriving at 1:45 p.m.


It seems that getting to Solomon will not be so easy after the cancellation of the Port Vila - Honiara flight by Air Pacific. Finally we have chosen the flights Port Vila - Sydney with Air Vanuatu, Sydney - Brisbane with Qantas and Brisbane - Honiara with Fly Salomon. They are short flights, but we will arrive exhausted and very fair. The domestic flight that leaves for Uepi Island has confirmed it for us at 15'40 in the afternoon. Let's see if we are lucky…

We will have to vary the plan. We will leave Guadalcanal for another occasion and try to access Seghe in some way to be able to spend 3 or 4 days in Marovoo Lagoon where the people of Uepi Island will give us shelter. Paula needs it, and in truth, Isaac too.

We return to Futamaru Lodge for your internet connection and explain the problem. They have behaved great with us, Just like Jenny, always pending. With some mobile cards (1000 VUV), a call to Spain to Travel Insurance (1500 VUV), two or three internet searches and the reservation of a place to sleep a few hours in Brisbane after searching for the best hotel deals, fast we have made new plans and we return to the airport at about 14'00. There is Mar, praying for her flight to Nadi.


It keeps raining and raining, more and more. We eat something (1,530 VUV) and access the departures area as it is landing 3 hours late the Air Pacific that is tomorrow did not want to do it although now Nadi destination. Sea breathes. He tells us that he was told that this morning he did not land because the pilot did not dare and that it usually happens. What a panorama. Paula wonders why we would not take any of the incredible promotions to travel through Italy, taking the opportunity to see my sister, that surely at least we would not lose flights, haha

We took the opportunity to take some postcards and see the Air Vanuatu land that will take us to Sydney. It is late too


What a paradox, we started boarding on a completely different flight who should take us to Honiara, seeing a few meters away from us who refused to do so in the morning. Anyway, this is the Pacific and here things work differently, you just have to know how to adapt.


From the flight to Sydney little to tell, more than 3 hours and 45 minutes. Since the plane took off it took about 30 minutes to overcome the clouds. Low clouds, medium clouds, dense clouds and high clouds. What a ballot for the next few days. We fall round while, finally, we see the sun again in a beautiful sunset at 11 km high.

!! Australiaaaa !! We must recognize that after reading many forums about Australia we thought of tedious entry controls and complicated efforts in general. NOW HERE NEAR! In less than 45 minutes we have fallen in love with the EFFECTIVENESS of the Sydney International Airport.

With 30 minutes of delay and only 1 hour to pass the controls, collect the suitcase, pass immigration, check-in in Qantas and arrive at the boarding gate after transfer from the T3 to the T1 of the airport, in any European country and less in the United States, it would seem impossible. Everything here is different. There is no queue for passport control, the suitcase leaves IMMEDIATELY we arrive at the belt, immigration until they explain that there are flights every 30 minutes to Brisbane and they would relocate us in the next one, there is a Qantas transfer prepared right next to the T3 to leave the bags also at the same time, and the transit bus takes 10 minutes to leave you on T3. Something that would take 2 hours in Spain we have done in !! 30 minutes !!. Really incredible, it has even given us time to make a call to the moms, which in Vanuatu there was no coverage of Movistar Spain.

He Qantas Brisbane flight It is really impressive. A distribution of 2 + 3 + 2, a projector, comfortable seats, helmets at the entrance, punctuality "Australian" and just 45 minutes away.

The day is not enough for more and at 22:30 we landed in Brisbane. A taxi (50.60 AUD !!!) leaves us in an eventual accommodation 20 minutes from the Airport that we had booked in the morning and waiting for us to give us the key. Hot shower, clothes outside ... !! the bed awaits us !! Will we be able to leave Honiara tomorrow or will we continue to resist the country of Mariano Rajoy? (Family, if we arrive in Honiara and then Seghe tomorrow, we will be 4 days disappeared again from the world but, as always, do not worry)

Isaac and Paula, far from Honiara, in Brisbane (Australia)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY:7,760 VUV (approx. 70,54 EUR) and 50,60 AUD (approx. 44 EUR)