Amarapura and the ancient cities of Mandalay


Mingalaba (Hello) !!! We're tired, about to get into bed. Today the day has been worth telling, like a story. It has been a very special day! Until now we had been very surprised by the largest Southeast Asian Pagoda in Yangon, the incredible Golden Rock experience, the quiet day by Mingun and some series of temples, but after seeing many, we prefer other experiences, such as continuing to live with the people ... that is really lovely.

The day started early, after breakfast we headed towards Amarapura, southeast of Mandalay. Today we were going to visit the ancient cities of Mandalay. A real beauty.

Amarapura is located in the surroundings of a large lake called Taunghthaman. Although the first must-see was to go to a nearby monastery, which at 10:30 am offerings of the monks, which today was a day of worship, and after the popular request to see "baldness" was a good opportunity. Did you want baldness?

Take collection of baldness. Mauxi and Fatima will be delighted, haha.

As we always did, and we got into the garlic to give them the rice ourselves, jijiji ... Images better than nothing ...

From there, with the eagerness of integr… well, let's be honest, it was to give the girls money and get into a silk and cotton shop and give it to him. At the moment, I am encasqueto a shirt of West Burmese with a face of meloncete. Anyway…

The next destination was the Sagaing Hill, home of more than 500 stupas, monasteries and convents, where Buddhists come when they are stressed (you know those of the works ... jiji). Look only at a "stressed" monk (Although I think this is our fault, haha)

In addition, there are beautiful views of the entire Ayeryarwady riverbank. It is a quiet place, full of vegetation. Beautiful!

The day had only just begun, and the greatest was yet to come. We take the road to Ava (Inwa), which is isolated by land, so we arrived through a small boat and as soon as we arrived we took the opportunity to eat something.

Ava, disconnected from the roads by rivers and canals was capital of Burmese kingdom a long time ago. The life of all Ava is an affable town, with thatched roof cabins, with villagers who till the earth and bathe next to the ruined stupas. The only means of transport is the old horse car

This town could perfectly be in a story. It is an idyllic and quiet place, in which peace is breathed. We were in the horse carriage and people waved at you with your hand. It seemed taken from the lord of the rings, the country of the Hobbits, or whatever his name is. It was a real joy to be there. We take advantage of the afternoon to visit an old wooden temple, some ruins from when it was the capital of the old kingdom and a brick temple where now only bats live.

Another attraction of the island was to see the "tower of Pisa" of Burma, a tower that leaned by the earthquake that hit the area 4 centuries ago, as well as another beautiful temple.

We left the island sad, thinking that we were leaving that story we had gotten into and that is when we discovered that surprises, as in all stories, come to an end. The best was yet to come. We said the other day that we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets we had ever seen since Mandalay Hill. I think that is behind. You will notice when you see these photos in one of the most admirable places possibly throughout Burma. He U Bein BridgeIn Amarapura, back to Mandalay, it is a teak bridge over 1.2 km long, the largest in the world and crosses Lake Taungthaman.

Is a bridge full of life, fishermen who throw the hook into the water from the same water, locals who return by bicycle to the town and children selling necklaces and other objects. We walked across the bridge and decided to return in a rowing boat, watching the sunset by the bridge.

The little boat almost collapses, but that is another story, hehe, that does not strike in this story (but the rower well that drew water to cubazos). The images in this case are worth their weight in gold.

We resigned to think that one of the most beautiful sunsets we would see was leaving ...

Already back to reality, we went to dinner at Little Bit Of Mandalay, a curious place of Mandalay, specialist in Burmese and Chinese food. Take advantage and take away the Burmese rags by day, hahaha.

Sometimes it happens to us that we begin to believe that there is nothing since it surprises us. It is in those moments, when you travel, when you realize how little we know, how small our world is, our lives and our routine and the surprises that every little detail can hold. Burma is a very different country to the Western, to the Muslim ... it is the perfect filling for a crystal Christmas ball. The perfect environment for a Christmas story in which many people do not believe ... right?

Isaac, from Mandalay (Myanmar)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: $ 25 (approx 20eu) and 56,900 MMK (36,50eu)