Bath, the city of hot springs


Rinnnnnng !! Rinnggg !! "Go, the mobile ... is Sele, What will be the next one that wants to roll? " Indeed, it was there for October / November 2010 and the proposal to make the getaway already "suggested" in our meeting at Lake Sanabria (with that famous video) was beginning to come true. Sele and Rebeca, Maka and Eva, Victor and Ali, and those present here Paula and Isaac, the idea sounded wonderful ...

… 4 months later, and with hardly any preparations beyond that call and some emails, we just got up In a beautiful British city. Last night we left you with uncertainty ... Llegarian Sele, Maka and Eva and? Although surely you already sensed it, around 23'15 they were entering our pub, the Beloushi, with a desire to devour what they put on a plate. There we end the night between stories, food and beer. The morning has not started very differently, with a few Classic British Breaksfast (3 GBP every two) to burst ...

We are possibly in one of the most beautiful environments in the entire United Kingdom. Architecture, monuments, history, shops, alleys, atmosphere, peace ... We are in Bath, the goal of our getaway, one of the obligatory stops in a life of trips.

We have ... say ... slept more or less, in our "particular concentration camp." He St. Christopher Inn of Bath (ARTICLE WITH ALL THE ACCOMMODATION INFORMATION HERE) It is the closest thing to the perfect business (for the owner), because with a few bunk beds on the top floor, a "self-service" pub always full, a null cleaning service (although we must recognize that the bunk room called Room seemed clean and 2x2 bathrooms with boiling water (they seemed taken from the hot springs of the town where they are cooked until eggs) is all given ...

Without any doubt, and with such a group, today we are going to be true travelers ENJOYING without hurry of one of the most emblematic cities of the British Southeast. What can you see in Bath? A small location plan from our accommodation (in a privileged location)…

Victor and Ali have already called us, who come from Bristol where they are staying. It has dawned one day more taken from southern Spain than from the British Isles, with an extended sun. That's how nice to travel. Enter these hours in the Pulteney Bridge, on the banks of the Avon River, is a real privilege.

We are in one of the most beautiful bridges we have seen, completed in 1773 and designed by Robert Adam, who even has a certain aroma of the Vecchio bridge in Florence or the Rialto bridge in Venice. The river at this height circulates calmly, and even has a series of steps that make it lose more strength if possible. It is noted that the bridge has undergone several modifications since its inauguration

In one of its modifications it was extended to make stores, such as Ponte Vecchio, getting space for picturesque businesses of jewelry, coffee or even old maps (6 GBP gifts).

We continue walking along the Avón on the other side. The views from here are beautiful. It is on this walk when we begin to understand why people attract people, and why Sele-Rebeca and Maka-Eva generate that illusion and desire to talk about travel, experiences and adventures. We feel fortunate to be able to share this getaway with them.

Bath, just like it happened yesterday DAY 1 OF THE ESCAPE, with Salisbury, we loved it. It is a picturesque town that it gives off peace at the same time as life, it gives off history at the same time as modernity... It is also noted that it is a place where the quality of life must be medium-high. Where else can one find stores dedicated exclusively to teddy bears, Christmas, candy or artisanal chocolate? (Postcards 2.80 GBP)

In its oldest area We also found the oldest house in the city, a restaurant more than 300 years ago, where the most famous muffin in the place is still being served. We are in the Sally Lunns house, where a failed young refugee who arrived at the site in 1680 founded a bakery. But there are many more places to enjoy a good meal, even beautiful courtyards in the basement

!! Victor and Ali have arrived !! We leave our walk through the old area and enter the Bath Abbedy, the Anglican Church (formerly Benedictine Monastery) which, founded in the 17th century, is one of the greatest examples of Gothic in the southeast of England.

Yes Yesterday we hallucinated in Salisbury Cathedral, no less can we say of an architectural jewel like this. Its plant is crucifome and although it was destroyed several times, especially by the Normans, in 1499 it achieves its current form.

"¿Tower Climb? We can? SIIIIIIIIIII !! " The whole group up (5 GBP each) ... how are we going to miss it? And who is this? If it looks like Gordi, the Goonies. A kid of just 13 or 14 years gives us a history lesson that we stay in pictures. They already want many. In a small guided tour of 50 minutes, we can see the area where the bell system is automated, the bell itself and even !! the clock mechanism of the tower !!

We continue up the small spiral staircase that traces the entire route until we reach the top. The views are great. From here you can also observe our next objective, the Roman Baths.

The town of Bath is not very tall. Here Celts have passed, Romans (which were the ones that left large buildings for the hot springs, including the Great Terma), Saxons, Normans ... but it was not until the 18th century, during the Georgian period when the great expansion of the city occurred. Bath became a great leisure and rest center. We also hallucinate by looking at the bottom Bath Spa modern facilities, where it is "supposed" that one can enjoy the same privileges that the Celts and Romans enjoyed over 2,000 years ago, but improved (aromatic steam rooms, outdoor pool on the roof, ...). We don't even know how much it costs…

Already coming down from the tower, we feel more Mary Poppins than ever. A success have been able to access these views

The group has no doubts, our next stop will be the famous Roman Baths. Let's see how they enjoyed while doing their orgies, haha. In addition here there is discount with Student Card. Let's see ... how many do we have? One, two ... mmm ... will we have to invent one? All kinds of cards, mastercard cards and even the driver's license to drive the girl crazy who in the end, probably out of boredom, accepts 6 students + 1 adult (GBP 10.5 and GBP 12, respectively). Anyway…

This visit is the longest, as concluding the "ikea" circuit (including museum) takes around 1h 30 minutes. We are in a wonderful complex perfectly preserved, with different rooms, including the "Sacred Spring" (beware, here Shakira could not enter the fountain, you can not!). "Do you like guys?"

Surely many of us remember the scenes of Barry Lyndon bathing in these springs. Upon entering, with the ticket, they give you an audio guide in Spanish that explains all the details of each stay.

Between the upper and lower levels, there is a small museum with all kinds of details for those who enjoy these things. In fact, here the group separates a bit, since some of us are starting to feel the !! called !!… Not before reaching the lower level and being able to observe the warm waters where you can boil up to eggs (literally)

No wonder they tried to nominate this great attraction (very tourist maybe for that) at 7 Wonders of Nature which is currently being voted

On departure we do not avoid going through the heart of Bath for several centuries. It's the restaurant The Pump Room, an immense lounge where exquisite food or tea is served at five, with products from Bath and surroundings, decorated to the smallest detail. You can even try water "with healing powers" from a source there

We are hungry? Yes, but our place is in the lively street while we wait for the rest of the group to leave. !! A typical hot dog stand !! Paula loves this (GBP 2.10 each). "Sele, a couple of puppies?" !! Marchingoooooo ...

We are all? Last night we saw a pub called something like "the head of the Saracen" that looked great to eat. Indeed, so it was. Wings, sausages, meat pies, lasgane, mixed meat, beer and more beer (23 GBP every two) ... 7 more British (Maka is missing in the photo that is the one who took it)

Maka and Eva are an exceptional couple. We have made many crumbs with them. We had been wanting to meet Maka on his Camino de Santiago that for reasons "on the road" (proper) had to leave, but finally met on this trip. Maka is a sanote guy, nice, cheerful, funny ... always has a smile. He is also affectionate and attentive. It is a traveler like the cup of a pine. Eva is her perfect accomplice, equally fun and attentive, with great conversation for a while on all kinds of topics. A couple that we will meet again, no doubt ...

Where is the photo? We are already in The circus (We will not leave a corner without seeing), a Georgian architecture building that we talked about before, built between 1754 and 1768, designed by John Wood and finished off by his son. The group of houses behind were also designed by them. Curious "rotondilla" and good place to sunbathe, right?

The Royal Crescent, our last goal of the day a little later, are 30 houses of the same style built in the shape of a half moon between 1767 and 1775. Together with The Circus they form the Sun and the Masonic Crescent. We imagine that it is not the same to see this preciousness from the Royal Victoria Park adjacent a day like today or a British day. The sun, the garden full of people enjoying the green, the balloons in the background flying over the city, ... a perfect place to continue our stories

UPDATE 03/31/11: Do you remember that funny video that we premiered after weekend at Lake Sanabria? Where we are? Who are you? We promise below. Here you have it ...

Sele spreads enthusiasm. He is a true pusher. Surely if it weren't for him, an escape like this would never have been possible. He is daring, creates illusion and is a dreamer. It is one of those people that you have to know in life because it gives you a very different vision of life than we have many. We miss Rebeca, one of the best people (with the broad sense of good person) we have met. And also, in this little group, to our friends Juve and Ruth, Sequoias, that would fit like a ring to the finger. A hug for all three.

Paula has stopped at an Octopus store. Yes in the Getaway to Bucharest and Transylvania 2011 hallucinated to see Accesorizze in Romania, here she is in love with this curious original store (Natalia, goes for you, so you can say later). "Sele, are you already messing it up? Haha"

We have not told you. The group has grown. In The Royal Crescent has joined David, a very nice friend of Maka and Eva The adventure will accompany us to Bristol. He stays to sleep with us. !! Get caught confessed !! In addition, it takes us to know the areas of expansion of Bath, passing through a lonely cemetery with a certain taste of mysticism in St. Mary's Churchyard. Sele, Victor and Maka, we have that "esoteric" appointment pending eh ... !! We already have more plans !!

We are not going to deceive you, the feet begin to not feel. As we continue like this we will end up with stumps. It also begins to get dark and make fresh. A little coffee No one takes it from us (with 9 GBP buns every two). It is also complicated a place to see the Atleti-Madrid with the final of the Six Nations (that we already lived in our DAY 2 on the getaway to Dublin 2009) Although the insistence gets its fruits ... !! 100-inch screen match !! This really is life. We also take advantage to make dinner here (GBP 12.35 every two, including hamburger at a nearby stand) while the night has fallen on Bath ...

The day does not go much further, and as we always keep our promises, Dew, for your sympathy and for your originality, and for having right our destiny, from Sele's Rincon, from My Homeland are my Shoes, from The world at your feet, and of course, of Travel Keys, here you have our "gift" ...

Victor, Ali, Isaac, Paula, Sele, Eva and Maka, from Bath (United Kingdom)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 89.25 GBP (approximately 108.89 EUR)