St. Christopher's Inn in Bath


To end our recent Getaway by Stonehenge and Bath 2011, we are going to gut our lodgings, starting with the one that "shelter" us in the city of Bath.

Bath It is a city in Somerset County, located about 160 km from London, with an incalculable historical legacy. In fact, its foundation dates from Roman times.

Surely when reading this "little review" to more than "one" you want to go through the shower again (haha). The fact is that in the absence of options (and less economical), we end up sleeping in a shelter called St. Christopher's Inn Bath.

The price, the best, but variable depending on the type of room you choose and the day of the week. In our case we chose the room for 12 mixed people with a average price of about 19 pounds (about 23 euros) per person and night. You can make a reservation from several hostel managers and hostels. We do it through Hostelworld.

his Location It is also privileged, since it is a few meters from the Bath Abbey, the Bath Romans and the Pulteney Bridge, the city's main attractions.

We are facing a hostel that is located above one of the noisiest pubs in the city, which guarantees two things: party and late sleep.

The rooms They are of various types. From private double rooms to the mixed of 12 people we choose, through unisex of 6 people.

Of the cleaning It seems that there is not too much complaint on the internet, so the most important thing seems assured.

The other facilities to highlight could be that it has WIFI in the PUB, it has a breakfast included, it has a ticket office (for a fee) to leave things of value and they give you a card to access the part of the hostel regardless of the pub ...

... so it's time to do our usual "GUIDED VISIT" of the accommodation With all the details and impressions.

Getting to the St. Christopher's Inn Bath from the train station is relatively simple but it can take about 15 minutes. In our case we resorted to a taxi for just 4 pounds, and from that moment we can intuit that we were in a excellent location To visit the city. There we found a noisy pub with a multitude of people drinking and watching TV, and getting hollow we got to the bottom bar, which reserves a small corner for the reception. Leaving the pub on the left (or on the right if we look straight ahead) is the entrance to the rooms (which opens with the electronic card they give you)

The room is, say, an absolute "concentration camp" with 6 berths, bedspreads that are not known if they have changed or not (in the two days we were there no one appeared) and a pillow that does not know how many heads will have supported ...

The cleaning It doesn't seem bad, since there really is something in the room, there is nothing.

Another detail is that under the bunk beds, in theory, you can leave your bags, but they must have "ryanair gauge" because not one of us (and that they were small and handheld). The miniba ... this ... nothing.

In the morning, at dawn around 6'00, the room was fully illuminated (especially for those who slept near the window) and it was inevitable to wake up, because there were no blinds.

The bathrooms They also left something to be desired, because although they seemed clean, they were somewhat damaged. The shower was a pain, because suddenly it came out frozen and boiling after a while.

From the rest of the hotel comment a little more of the same. Clean corridors with a very "hostel" decoration but even labyrinthine

The attention of the team BRILLS FOR ITS ABSENCE, since we did not see anyone (absolutely nobody) from the pub (who are the owners) in the area in both days.

The noisy pub is heard from the third floor where we were staying (so from the second it must be insufferable), but it has WIFI that works quite well.

Also highlight your breakfast. Well, really the one that was included in the price was not, because it hardly consisted of some hot water, some infusions, some milk and cereals. For just a few pounds more (special price for those who were staying) you accessed an excellent Classic English Breaksfast.

The we would recommend? The obvious answer is NO (so you do not say that we have recommended the keys) but with nuances. If what you are looking for is to fall into a bed after a long day, in a place where you can have a bright breakfast, an unbeatable location and a price without competition, and you have no qualms, this is your place. The rest, abstain.

Isaac and Paula (and the rest of the expedition), from Bath (United Kingdom)